Why are people flagging posts on the travel thread?

I am curious why my post has been flagged as an advertisement or spam? I am traveling the world for a year at the moment and have a blog that doesn’t even pay for itself that I posted a link to because I wanted to share about some breweries I found in Melbourne - so am I being flagged because I have a blog where I post about my beer travels? Everyone has a blog these days so I am wondering why anyone would care if I post a link to my travel stories from my own blog.

Here’s what I posted - is it or is it not about beer and travel?

What are your thoughts community?

I think that the issue is probably that you’ve never rated a beer or a venue on here before. Your only forum posts are links to your blog, so it could quite easily appear that you’ve signed up to self-promote?


Yes you’re probably right. I’m not much of a critic and I don’t troll people’s profiles when I’m reading forums for stuff like that, so I never would have thought of that. To be honest most beer forums are friendlier than this one so people either read posts or they don’t there’s none of this sort of hazing when things are posted in the correct categories. Maybe this one gets spammed a lot though, who knows. Thank you for letting me know though. I’ll rate the beers before I post about them that’s probably the issue.