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Why Can't I Edit My Rating?

I guess I am one of the last people on earth that doesn’t have a FB account.

I won’t go near it.

Set up a Brewver account ‘in case’ but it doesn’t appear to be any better than Ratebeer (or more like a basic RB) so don’t see the point in transferring over unless I have to.

It still requires a lot of work to get the information set up, but there are some features already that RB should have gotten years ago.

Which ones?

More breakdowns for countries.
The have and backlog lists that show up when looking at the brewery lists.
The tasting matrix that shows if someone had had the beers.
Better way of handling collaborations that can be seen at the collaborating brewery page as well.
Brewery listing that sperates brewed for beer so they don’t end up in the same listing and brewery count.
Owned by/owns linked instead of being in the brewery name.
Import feature is nice. Especially for those using more than one site. I still rate here and check in on Untappd.

The negative parts are that it is still quite early in development and the database need a lot of work. But at least it’s being developed.

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Sooo many “impossible” things, that “cannot” or in case of collabs even “should not” be done. Sigh.

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The collaboration feature is really nice.

Always disliked the way RB have brewed for beers mixed into the beer lists with no way to turn it off. Makes it so less clean and harder to see the brewery beers. But have given up when it comes to things being added here. Got Sweden added with counties fast at Brewver when I asked for it (although had to classify the cities myself). Don’t know how many years people have asked for more country regions here.

I am owner nor developer of Brewver. I am an enthusiast admin though, all of the top Belgian profiles have already switched to Brewver. Our national hate for ABI goes deeper than just shouting “sell out” when yet another brewery is being bought out, but you’d have to be a Belgian to fully understand how ABI has ruined a big part of our national beer heritage. So our main reason to switch was having an independent platform, but the constant technical fails on RB didn’t help either to stay here any longer than strictly necessary.

Not only disgruntled RB members have transferred their ticks, also enthusiast untappd folks, who can also import their ticks. The database needs lots of work, there’s no denying that. As the import from two systems, means that beers get imported twice, often. So if anyone, preferably with admin experience - but not necessary, wants to join, feel free to send me a PM.

I think a messaging system and a forum are two things that should come soon. Remember this site had only been live for like a year, and has constant tweaks, bug fixes, updates and new features being added. Also, the guy is now focussing on developing his app. So that’s coming up as well. For now we have a private Facebook group for admins (yeah, some people hated telephone in the early days as well, as they disliked e-mail, but you gotta keep with the times).

Also: I like the “batch” varieties. This was done for UT people not to lose to many ticks when converting, but it’s a cool way of keeping beers together that now on RB sometimes also have different varieties, but listed as separate entries.

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