Why does only Luxembourgish beer give me total satisfaction?

Apart from Diekirch, I only feel happy when I’m drinking Luxembourgish beers. They taste good, I enjoy the effect of their alcohol and I don’t have a hangover the day after. In general I’m quite an open guy, but when it comes to beer, I’m a nationalist.
Luxembourgish beers I can recommend are Simon Pils, Simon Régal, Simon Noël, Battin Gambrinus, Battin Extra, Battin Fruitée, Bofferding Lager Pils, Clausel Gezwickelt and Wäissen Ourdaller.

Maybe because a giant brewing conglomerate has yet to take those breweries over?

Is it because you’re on commission from the local tourist board?


It would be interesting to try them first, so we could understand why. Do they ship in EU?

There are plenty of reasons to go to Luxembourg, but for me, the beer is not one of them.

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I was extremely happy to try Mousel Zwickelbeier.

Actually the Diekirch brewery belongs to AB Inbev and somehow the plain Diekirch beer is the most watery beer from Luxembourg.

No I’m not.

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Luxembourg has some ok beers and got better during the last years, still it seems they are bad looking at the neighbours, they are not as good in wine as France is and they are not as good in beers as Germany and, of course, Belgium are. Totenhopen does a good job, though they are not great. Mousel Zwickelbeier was quite good but not easy available when I searched for it years ago. Most Simon beer suck, the IPA was as bad as the first german tries to make an IPA (well; looking at the stats I’m the only one thinking that :wink: )

Are there meanwhile good beer bars in Luxembourg?


Been a while since I was in Luxembourg but when I was I found Okult to be the best, since then I’ve added Nowhere and Stuff to the drinkeable list. Battin Gambrinus I found near undrinkable, but might have been the status of the tap that day.

I missed that - must not have read the length of the brewery name :).

Funny you say that, for me the Simon brewery makes the best beers: Pils, Régal and Noël. Its IPA is also yummy.

And Battin Gambrinus is a great beer too. German friends of mine like it very much.

When it comes to Luxembourg I prefer Ramborn Cider

I assume it’s some sort of tax avoidance scheme.

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Mayve you drink something wrong??

Is it because you haven’t tried any proper English beer yet (Cobra very definitely doesn’t count)…:smiling_imp:

You might have a problem here in Northern Virginia.

I was quite astonished to see Cobra marked as an English beer.

Well, I have to revide my entrance post. I was in Holland over the weekend and I drank predominantely Dutch beers. No problems with those too.