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Why | instead of numbers?


I noticed the rating interface has changed. I like the option to add “bottle / can etc” but why lose the numbers and make it a long line with | ? (what do you call a horizontal dash in English?)

Imo it’s way easier to directly see the number instead of counting / guessing the “upright dashes”. So that part is not an improvement if you’d ask me. Not that I can’t like with it, but it’s just not an improvement I think.


Site updates, 16 Nov, 2018

Ok so I clicked 10 times on the sign I rounded red in the picture until I noticed that you have to click left of it. Advance the click area to there.


The list is not that long. I can see 10 is the maximum. Delete the “/10”


First impressions.


This interface change also seems to make it impossible to upload pictures via the edit function like you could before. That functionality appears to have been removed, which sucks because it was the only way to upload pictures without having to deal with that stupid email bullshit.

Also, any kind of edit does not seem to go through anymore. Just tried to edit a review multiple times and nothing happens when clicking on “Save”.


I prefered the old rating interface more - don’t make me count dashes, please. Also, the bottle picture is broken.


+1 to what has been said before.
Also, editing a rating does not work. i hope this is just temporary.


Seems like a rather pointless update that doesn’t really improve anything, but breaks various things…


…We haven’t seen that sort of thing on Ratebeer before have we? :joy:


And you have to input the rating before adding the rating text?

Yeah… not an improvement.


@joet please fix this. The amount of times I notice a silly typo or I forgot to mention something in my rating… I’m often going back to edit mine to fix my mistakes and now I can no longer do this. Should have tested this before putting into production. I’m pretty sure editing a rating is a common action.

Also add a proper link to the upload picture form, replace the current link which goes to the photos email which is perma-broken. The only way to get to it now is to manually type in the URL with the beer ID which 99% of users are never going to do.


I can’t even review new beers right now, guess I’ll be writing them out in microsoft word until this gets sorted out.


Can’t access any beers - just get a spinning circle. Rebooted my Android 7 phone twice. Zero difference.

Also seen (via a friends phone)a reintroduction of sliding ratebars? This was dropped in a few years back and liked by precisely no one and removed in less than 24 hours. What rationale is behind their reintroduction? Btw - they suck as much as when they were foisted upon us last time.


It works but it’s not an improvement.


Wow, even worse on mobile than it is on a desktop.




The New app has always used dashes and i F…ing hate it for the same reason. trying to guess where 14 is on a bar of 20 dashes is just insane.


Looks like the new rating page has been rolled back. :+1:t2:


Looks like RB is using the public as beta tester. Reminds me of Microsoft.


Please implement a decent software development and release process.

Agile doesn’t mean you can just throw half finished and untested stuff at your users and have them test and report bugs and broken ir missing functionality.


Yeah noticed this too. Had to delete and then rerate. Sucks.


Please, please go back to the old rating interface. Please. This new one is just…bad.