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Why | instead of numbers?


@joet, please just revert the rating page to how it was. The slider is not an improvement. Why do this? And why even work on this when there are so many other problems with the website (that you seem unaware of or in denial of)? Your decisions on what is a priority to change and spend time on beggars belief. I know I’m far from the only one who feels this way.


If you want to use the new system, at least trash the script overlay that keeps the same URL as the beer page. When you refresh, just blows everything away. Previously had it’s own URL and was much better, as it could refresh what was already written just in case. New format is terrible. Still can’t write reviews.


Oh ffs theres another change ruining the user experience.

Does the thinking go…
I know. No one likes the app. Lets make the website as shit as the app. So the app doesn’t look too bad


Oh yeah a refresh losing info sucks big time




How does this NOT concern you @joet ?? And why dont you reply to this!!?


It would be easier to embrace change if we knew the reason behind it. New rating page looks clean, but besides that it looks like something from 1990’s. I can’t see how is this page better than what we had.*

*Actually I figured this one. Looks good on mobile phone. So it’s an alternative to app. And it actually saved my text when going back and forth to beer page.

Would be nice to see some basic info about the beer at rating page. Also developing some beer rating assistance in later stages would be smart (check Beerhive).


Have to disagree on this one. I checked the new rating page on my phone and tried rating on it but there is no way this is easier than it was when we could click on numbers. No way.


This has been a constant complaint and I fully agree. We don’t see improvements AND are kept in the dark even when we ask about the reasons.


I usually rate on my desktop, so I don’t have much experience rating on mobile. This looks neat to me.

Was rating on mobile supported after app was introduced? If I can remember in some cases I would be redirected to the app.

At one point (before the app) I’ve tried rating on RB and then transferring to Untappd, but other way around seemed much easier. Looking now I might give it another go.


Honestly thinking about moving my ratings to other places. It’s just sad how things get changed here without any knowledge of what’s wanted.


Omg, my first view of the new rating system and it is S**t. Really hard to judge how to enter your rating, having to guess where to set it. Feels tacky and 3rd Rate. Please can we have our old method back, it wasn’t bust and didn’t need fixing whereas whole rafts of stuff do. Please concentrate on Maps perhaps instead of making our experience worse.


Why has the ability to add beer pics been removed again? Please don’t make us do this via email. It’s as if the site doesn’t want us to contribute…


I only rate on mobile and the sliders are a huge turn off. They slow me down since they’re hard to control.

Can you please make them optional? I don’t like to knock every thing new, but this is one of the first changes that truly bothers me.


I don’t have a problem with the sliders. Actually I don’t use them but I use the drop down menu instead, I find it easier.


Hated the sliders when rating on my mobile earlier, but hadn’t realised until checking this thread tonight that there was also a number drop down available. Still not as good as the old number selector but not so bad as I thought.

But I do really like that the distribution info is now on the same page, as I always like to add that. I also like the fact that this now comes up under the rating once entered and can be clicked through on (though I found it’s a little hit and miss as to whether it shows up and had to edit a couple of my entries today before it showed).

Two steps forward and one back for me, this change.


Because he’s obviously gone totally mad, and don’t care shit anymore. I bet he’s sitting there enjoying all the shit he fucks up. Deconstructing Ratebeer, beer by beer, rating by rating…


Says it all don’t it?


Exactly. So why “fix” what ain’t broken?


Of all the dumb things done to this site in the last year this has to be the dumbest. Who thought this would be a good change to make?


A note for desktop users, when using the dropdown lists you can quickly move to the next hitting TAB twice.