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Why | instead of numbers?


It’s still TAB twice, instead of once before. And the small text field with the scroll slider to the right is just awfull, with lots of white dead space above and beyond the actual text within the field.


The slide bars are (just about) usable (and work on my phone this time around). But as others have pointed out, I just don’t know why anyone would think this is an improvement.

Issue 1. No numbers on the sliders so you are taking a stab at the figure you want. And guess what? More than half the time it’s the wrong number, especially on the bigger scales of nose, taste and overall score.

Issue 2. Scale - you have 3 different scales on the same width of the page. So even when you are familiar with the position of 7 for nose, you are immediately having to adjust again for the shorter scale of appearance and then up again for flavour and then down again and then up again.

Issue 3. I miss the confirmation of which rating number I just added. All right, it’s a small thing but I liked it and now it’s gone. Another little chip. Maybe it’s coming back? Who knows! No idea what is and is not intentional on any changes these days.

I suppose given enough time, my accuracy on the sliders will improve with practise, bit like playing a fretless bass - you know where the notes are. But again one has to ask why? The old system of numbers, evenly laid out on the same scale was absolutely fine and much easier to use than this new system.

Does any practising rater get to comment on these “enhancements” before they are implemented? If feels very much like we are being given what non raters think we need and not what we want. In this case I am guessing someone who doesn’t rate prefers the form of the new bars over the function of the old.

Every Ratebeerian I know is exasperated to some degree or another with the way Ratebeer changes are designed and rolled out, some are very exasperated and just waiting for the next thing to push them on to Untappd.

These comments and this type of feedback are not new are they? And yet same old same old.

Dear oh dear!


I just used it on desktop today, I’ll agree that there is a lot of dead empty white space around. Also as far as the sliders are concerned, I find the lines too greyed out, I think it would be easier to use them if the lines were a bit darker.


If sliders are here to stay they can still be improved. A quick google has turned up two examples that may or may not be better.

  1. The “Guests” slider - very obvious where the numbers are and which is selected


  1. This example image shown for a slider plugin for a JavaScript framework (middle slider)


The first one would probably work better on the mobile site/app. This second one I’m guessing would be preferred by most on the desktop website. Similar in style to what’s there now but adding numbers above and/or below so we know where to click more precisely would be nice.


It’s prooven over and over again, that they don’t give a shit about most critisism and suggestions. It’s more useful to go out in the woods and bang your head against a tree than trying to suggest anything in here…


@joet, are you going to address these concerns? Will you manage to convince yourself that either: a) these complainers are an irrelevant minority; and/or b) because the # of ratings / traffic to the site continues to increase, addressing these functionality concerns—that are used most by us top raters—is unimportant?

What will it possibly take to get you to self-reflect and conclude: “maybe I’m unfit for this job of managing this website when most of the top users consistently complain about a large portion of what I’m doing” ? One would’ve thought that the departure of many other top raters already would be enough.

I honestly don’t mean this to flame you, but you seem totally immune to our consistent, well-meaning feedback. I don’t know any top rater who has much good to say about the website these days.


The thing I dislike about untappd is the slider. You click where you think the score is, but you’re slightly wrong - try again. Oops, too far the other way now, 3rd time lucky!

Shame to see it here. I suspect without Erik’s app I’d be seriously thinking of returning to untappd.


Adding availability is working, but unusable. I wanted to add that a beer was bought at Beerlovers today. But…which one?


I just put in my first rates on my mobile today sonce the change, and it is bad. It isn’t so much that the slider is bad, but that it is a bad slider. It is ao hard to change the rating from what you initially put in. The numbers on mobile were superior. No comment on Desktop.


I noticed a fellow rater (erm, but I don’t any longer, and at this rate, neither will he) last night had this wonderful user experience:

|                                         |
|  R A T E B E E R   B A N N E R          |
|                                         |
|_Review_entry area_______________________|
|  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   0  |
|  q   w   e   r   t   y   u   i   o   p  |
|  a   s   d   f   g   h   j   k   l   '  |
|  z   x   c   v   b   n   m   ,   .   @  |

I exagerate, not even one full line of review text was visible. Great work guys! Now that you’ve learnt about the “position: absolute” attribute, you can learn not to fucking use it when screen real-estate is limited.


Like anyone who cares enough to write, I hate the slide since it works badly on my phone and this may drive me away.


Yeah, the new rating sliders are a no from me, dawg.

Wouldn’t be so bad if you could *actually slide the scale. I miss the numbered buttons, and I miss seeing the description on the same page as the rating.


Guys, maybe you have a different operating system, but with Android one CAN actually use numbers instead of |.

which leads you there

Same with Windows on desktop

Checked on desktop (Win10) and it works as well.


Not disputed. But why?

Why go from a perfectly good interface where you can tap straight on to the numbers you want to something which is fairly hard to use and which can only be mitigated by tapping a tiny icon (easy to miss on a phone) to bring up the numbers you had in the first place?

It feels like someone’s cherished design objective with no thought to real world use.


I sent in a picture for a lightly reviewed beer a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps I did it wrong, pic still has not shown up in any case. Trying to be a responsive member, making the effort. Why even try now?


A/B testing, market research, we do not know. I only hope that our feedbacks will be heard and the previous design will be re-implemented. I have no big hopes though.

I think we only need to get used to the new interface. Maybe I am wrong.


There is no A/B test, everybody has it. And market research is done with individuals on a sandbox, not just by throwing up a live release.


Would any of those individuals be actual raters? Certainly doesn’t feel like it.


There’s a mix of things here…

  • The developers we are using have no idea of how existing users use the system (this is my very well educated understanding after many changes);
  • Said developers may be doing some testing, but even if they do they can’t match the functionalities with the needs if they are unaware of them;
  • The new beer rating page was submitted to the admins for feedback, a few weeks ago; as you may be aware, there is less than a dozen “active” admins in the forum; feedback was provided and mostly ignored before releasing the page.

I am not aware if there is a hidden agenda and if every functionality that I/you/we don’t like actually meets the requirements set by the hidden agenda.
My opinion is that there is an agenda for expanding the users base, but it’s high level and it wouldn’t conflict with most of existing users’ needs, if only there was some dialogue…


This is a huge problem and I keep adding beers to the wrong places.