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Why | instead of numbers?


Yeah thats my feeling
They hope to magically attract load and loads of new users, and to hell with all the long term users


Still you have to push TAB twice to shift from aroma to look etc., instead of just once before. At least it should be possible to chose from the settings, if you wanted the sliders, or the pulldown meny. In general, adding a cut-and-paste rating + setting the scores takes me twice the time now. Well done!!!


I entered 30 ratings today, cut-and-paste the rating, then tab movements for setting the scores.
I found it basically as fast as the old page.

One thing that still throws me off: it’s 1 tab from rating to first score, but 2 tabs from score to score. So when I try to move fast I usually get it wrong.

The main problem is not the speed of entering the data in that way; some of the problems are:

  • speed of entering the data using the slider vs the old numbered buttons;
  • total lack of information about the beer that I’m rating (I’m not likely to leave the page to do a double check);
  • can’t refer the page with direct URL;
  • lose all data if accidentally moving away from the page;
  • “add distribution” can’t find places with common names;
  • the page looks lean on mobile but poor on desktop;


Ths lack of info on the beer sucks,
I often read the description when adding notes

i seem to be have a link to a beer ratign page

am i misunderstanding


Try the link.
It’s the beerpage link.
Then you need to click on the “Rate & Review” blue button.

And when you click on that, the URL doesn’t change.

So, I usually rate offline, in my database first; I may have prepared beer IDs and names in advance.

  1. I have an Excel macro that automatically uploads the ratings when it’s convenient for me: I can’t use it anymore because it now points to the beer page, not the rating page.
  2. If I want to quickly open the ratings page by changing the beer ID in the URL, it slows me down becasue it has first to load the heavy beer page, then I can click on the blue button; with the old system I can open directly the beer rating page.


Oh thats BOLLOX .

Many of us use the old Rating page as the Easiest way to ID tricky prounced Beers or Sake.
Just record the Beer number and you could go directly to the rating page.

Thats gonna cause us chaos

Its this total lack of how the User use the site that sucks.
Many of us have worked out smart things to do , to make life easier and this is just being trashed over,

Edit : oh though i see at least for me i can still go direct to number though like you say its to the Beer page not the rating page


15% of my ratings are re-ratings.
I already have all data in my database (beer ID, ABV, style). I can open one more bottle of 24 years old Thomas Hardy’s Ale, update my database without even going on RB.
Then once in a while, while I do something else, click on a button and seamlessly update my ratings.

That way saves me some nice time, not having to wait for pages to upload.
Good old times.


That’s fast even, I think it takes me even longer than that


I’m encountering the same issue. I’ve been adding beers to a shop in Pennsylvania that I bought in Tennessee. Liquor stores aren’t the most creative when it comes to naming their store; if nothing else, can we at least allow a user to scroll through shop names instead of limiting the results to just four?


In the meantime, ask an admin to add the city to the place name. I’m lucky as I happen to be an admin so for all chains and common names near me I’ve added the city name so they come up. Shoot me a message with the specific place and city name and I might be able to help you out.