Why is there no requirement to write when rating places?

One of the most important place in Ratebeer to actually write somthing do not require a single word.

When you want to rate a place it is enough just to tick for service, selection and so on, but not required at all to write anything. This should be changed to demand at least xx characters (I would suggest 100 minimum). This info is among the most valuable when searching for new places to visit and allowing blank on description is waste record.


I guess it’s the same thing as for Beer Ticks…It’s better to have reviews + ticks… or at least some ticks, than nothing at all…
Nowdays, the more you add restrictions (like minimum characters) the less you get users, and in the end, you have a very incomplete place/beer database…

This was discussed extensively here:

No action was taken, nor was there any official response.


Only 50 things at a time to be changed please.

Welp, they’ve actually made them, temporarily, even more useless in-app, where you don’t even get to see attribute scores, which are the only thing that might resemble actual feedback in a textless place score. Again, from what I’ve heard (and is the only logical thing), temporarily.

I’m quite sure that this won’t ever change, despite most people seemingly hating it. The perceived / alleged “pro” apparently outweighs all obvious cons and all the disdain/hate.

The only thing that’s worse really is the non-editable calories count, which is nearly always very much off and gets us angry bug reports from brewers, and yet remained, unlike multiple essential visual features, part of the new page design. But those are also en route, I believe.

They are indeed improving things (and props for that), but this manner of putting out unfinished things (to get feedback, partly) will indeed cause a lot of anger from time to time, which I hope can be overcome as they polish things.

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