Why isn't Budweiser in the Pale Lager - Rice Lager category?

I mean, it contains rice as the sole adjunct - which is basically how every other beer in the Rice Lager category got to the Rice Lager category.

Perhaps there’s a minimum percentage issue here?

I don’t know how to check styles, but do we have

Pale Lager - Corn Lager we could put Coors in?

The rice lager category is supposed to be for Asian style rice lagers, Asahi, Tsingtao etc.

Pale Lager - North American Adjunct is supposed to be for Budweiser style.


And Coors also?


I still see no reason to split out one adjunct and not others.

This is just plain stupid.

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It does successfully separate “true” craft from macro chemical, industrial products. The AB plant in St. Louis is much more of a chemical plant than a beer plant. Adjusting ABV by adding water to an alcohol stream may be only one example.

So Japanese industrial lagers are true craft?

Seems they should be Asian Adjunct lagers

Probably we should also have Craft Adjunct categories?

No it doesnt. Its only geografic. Then we should split bottlefermented and forced carbonated beers in each style as well. Only bottle fermented beers are craft-beer! Or so it should be anyway.

Would Pale Lager - Light / Adjunct be more suited than having Pale Lager North American / Light Adjunct and Pale Lager - Rice?


That is the way to go.

No. Because that’s not a style of beer. This is why we got rid of premium and pale lager as two separate styles, because they were not styles that could be implemented by admins. If we split out by whether or not something is pure malt or adjunct ends up with categories like this

Adjunct Lager - Coors Light, Kronenbourg 1664, Asahi
Pale Lager - Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Grolsch

Any style list that don’t put Kronenbourg and Heineken in the same style is wrong, regardless of the maize in Kronenbourg.

The correct thing to do is either rename Rice Lager to something more specific or merge it into regular pale lager as was originally intended.

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I foresee great difficulties ahead, when entering a new beer to the database, by users like me. I don’t profess to claim that I know that much about ingredients, etc. To me all of those pale or adjunct lagers are in the ‘meh beer’ category.


Michelob Ultra uses rice.

AB loves the inexpensiveness of rice.

Not according to the description here, which is the problem with splitting solely based on adjunct vs non-adjunct from an admin perspective.

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Pale lagers really should not be split into Rice and other adjuncts. They basically taste the same, and there is no way to tell the difference anyway, when users enter new ones. Who does it benefit to have them split? Certainly not the average user of the site, who couldn’t care less whether the brewer used rice, corn or a third adjunct.

Of course the India pale lager and imperial pale lager are distinguishable categories, so they should stay.


So a brut ipa brewed with rice or corn gets its own substyle as well!?