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Why no information about ABV?

Tree House Tree Of Life Blended - a barley wine with no ABV??? Damn minimalistic hipsters :angry: The letters ar also so small that hardly anyone can read the information on the label.

No ABV on this label, but somehow someone have got that information. From the brewer?

It’s crazy to me that this isn’t illegal in the US. No idea about the first one, but for Warmth the brewery added this data themselves on Untappd so it’s correct. I assume whoever added it here took it from there.

Untappd; sometimes our best friend…

Set it as low alchol then maybe they learn to next time.


Get an independent ABV test done and then submit the results for beer edit.

I had to send a correction in avfew years ago for a US beer with a couple of hundred rates with no ABV, but luckily got that info as I live in the UK and the importer had to put stickers on the bottles with the info. It is mad that the ABV isn’t required in some states.

Again put it as low alchol untill they come up with the abv on the labels and put abv to 96% so we are not fooling anyone to buy low alcohol either…
Then people will not buy it and they will learn to give info.
Dont waste time with them if they are not even serious enough to put abv on the label.

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