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Why only sliding?


The reviewing system in the app was finally fixed to match the logical and natural beer reviewing flow and huge thanks for that! But, sadly, the new sliders aren’t satisfactory. Why is only “press & slide to the number” allowed instead of being able to just press the number on the slider itself as well, not to go through an unnecessary notions? It’s somewhat irritating this way, too fiddly and breaking the rating flow.


Again an other brilaint step to make ratebeer great again.
Due to this it now takes ms now 2 times as long time to enter my prewritten ratings into RB.


Yeah it sucks on iOS because sliding from the left side to the right is the same gesture used to go back to the previous view. This means it’s really easy to accidentally go back to your search for the beer, thus meaning you need to tap on it again, thus necessitating the need to redo your scores from scratch and try not to make the same mistake.

Nobody has tested this during development. Nobody. At least not on iOS anyway, which is ironic since most organisations ignore Android first.


Not to sound like randomgarbage/pepsican, but I continue to be surprised people use the app when the browser is simple and easy on mobile.


Agreed. Never used any of the app. I do not even use desktop. Everything is only done on mobile using browser.


The slider drag is working quite well in the last version but clicks should be available on top of that


Seems like clicks AND sliders work fine on mobile web now but still only sliders on the App…