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Why the name change? BlackHaddock now blackhaddock1



Plus I can’t just leave my fish!

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Youve been upgraded to the next version


Well can I be down graded again please.



We need to upgrade to attract new members. We all need to do our bit


I am really struggling to find my way around this new forum system to be honest and can’t see (as yet) any benefit. Not many users bothering either and I can see why.


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The polls are a nice feature and could be used cleverly,

I like the like system way better than +1

and tagging some one in is usefull @blackhaddock1

Its Still lower use, so more will come out in time.
Bit i think tracking will become usefull as more threads start. I certainly can see already all my posts much easier then old system.

Plus the new ones are searchable

La Barra



Trouble maker!



as for finding way around not sure why people having trouble the Three lines show all the forums, but more importantly shows when new stuff and it shows unread stuff.

But like i say real test will come when the forums are bussier


I shall carry on posting on both forum ‘options’ and watch how it ‘pans out’ as the old Western films used to say.


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Thank you to who ever, or what ever changed me back to BlackHaddock.



nice to see youve been reset to Factory Settings


I’ve never worked in a factory setting. 42 years within the MOD, both military and civilian.



@BlackHaddock <*))))))><




Is fish the new blank?

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Sweet I got a 1!


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That’s because you are one.



<))))))>< ity <))))))><

Where are the *s?