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Wich "odd" countrys beer can you found in Paris?

Do anyone know if you can found beers from example old french colony countries like

Ivory coast
And others

And if so where?

Thanks in advance

Years ago, I got this:


At a Senegalese restaurant… I feel those would be good places to go (and the food was great).

If you look at the ratings, a number of people mention getting this in different Parisian shops.

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Beer from Togo (Flag Speciale) was available at Paris Saint Biere back in late 2018. Don’t know about now.

Senegal beer might be available on the internet via French online supermarkets. That’s how I got mine (bottle of Gazelle, also back in 2018).


Yup, got mine in some random store in Montmartre near my hostel, “only” 2.90€, but hey, Togolese tick.

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