Wild Beer

Looking at their FB, they announced 5 days before you visited that they’ll close on December 31st.

Ha … my bad … October '21 … as in 14 months ago

Ahh … when i did that Leicester crawl Framework was still showing as closed … kind of a lockdown hangover still.

I emailed them and they talked about reopening a new taproom … maybe for Xmas 2021

Seems that never happened then

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a very quick look at the list shows a real mix of trad breweries large and small, first wave craft and new faces, really is impossible to look at that and say ‘clearly doing xyz is the recipe for success/failure’.

I’m sure someone with more market experience than I could point out all sorts of factors like in a recession it’s the ‘above average’ price point that will suffer as casuals cut down or trade down while the affluent continue to buy top end, but then some of the cheap and cheerful types are there too… one thing for sure though, pubs and breweries being hit from all sides - rising ingredient costs due to brexit and Ukraine, power costs through the roof, shipping/delivery costs rising, people spending less on going out, covid hangover e.g. some people permanently switched to home drinking, ever more competition for at best same overall market, and rising staff costs.


They were open for a very short time, but I never made it up there. Limited hours, wrong side of Leicester for me, not a massive selection (usually nothing I couldn’t get in the city centre).

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Slaters now calling it a day after 27 years

Another one in London today … small scale so maybe a name some of you wont be familiar with.

Solvay Society… brewed Belgian styles

Sad news.

West End was on my radar for my trip to Leicester (next February). I guess i need to find another place to drink local beer.

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Just heard about this as well. I haven’t tried many of their beers.

I think January is going to be really tough for smaller producers.

Aside from Everards… theres not a lot in town.

Anstey have a fairly decent brewery tap, the Mash and Press, and Mill Hill’s brews are good (at Mill Hill Cask and Coffee, Enderby).

Farther afield there’s the excellent Round Corner in Melton Mowbray.

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Mill hill brewing their own now ?

Yes, it isn’t on site but close by. I’ve seen the beers in the Real Ale Classroom in Stoneygate and the Two-Tailed Lion. Fairly basic pales and whatnot (although they did offer up a white stout recently) very well done.

Edit: I’ve now just seen them in Leeds although id already ordered before I clocked it was them.

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Went through Beer Nouveau’s entire list. Retired where needed.

Only two breweries weren’t on RB - Plot Five Brewing and Bishop Auckland - they had less than 50 ticks on Untappd as well so no surprise there as well.

Tapestry appears to have survived, and so did Tyne Bank. Five Towns may well still be alive, no confirmation. Mighty Medicine as well - no direct proof of it dying anywhere. Enfield and Enefeld are the same thing, both @ded.

We’ll see what happens to Old Dairy and Wild beer in administration…

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Five Towns is still going. Picked up some from a place near there and the owner told me the brewer is still doing collabs, most of which have been brewed on the Five Towns kit.


Since I looked at it yesterday about 10 breweries seem to have been added to the list.

Wild Beer have been bought by Curious. Production will move to Kent.

be interesting to see what they resurrect… Curious haven’t got the best reputation, wonder if they’ll do the mad Wild used to do or just the supermarket-friendly stuff

Mr L.A.D Broke says supermarket only


Does that mean a whole load of Somerset rates will switch to Kent???

I don’t think so, just a few of the beers will likely move to the new brewer I would imagine, the remainder will retire in Somerset. Same situation with Dark Star currently, just seeing which will move to Fullers or Meantime. Hopefully just Hophead amd American Pale Ale, but there may be others.

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