Wild Weather - Hampshire or Berkshire?

I see Wild Weather is now listed under Berkshire but is it technically just inside Hampshire?

The business park looks like it’s in West Berkshire.

That explains it then :slight_smile:

I’m afraid it was me that got it moved a while back. The postal address is in Hampshire due to the postcode but really it’s in Aldermaston.

I remember a similar situation with Ballard’s having a postal address as Hampshire but actually being situated in Sussex

Yeah, the UK postal system is no respecter of county boundaries! I recall once having to go to 1:25000 OS scale to determine which side of a county boundary a pub was on. Fortunately, on streetmap.co.uk, you can still get OS maps (no satellite view though). Unfortunately, Google maps doesn’t consider British county boundaries important enough to display.

Looks like Wild Weather is maybe 50m on the Berkshire side of the line. As Phil says, the whole of that business park seems to be in Berkshire so thankfully it’s not necessary to rely on the Google maps marker being in the right place. The confusion arises because the postal address is actually Silchester, which is in Hampshire. It’s.always struck me as a bit odd that Silchester merits “post town” status but I think that simply comes from where the sorting office is/was located & I guess they have to put the sorting office somewhere in these rural areas.

You can view county boundaries on Google Maps. However I only managed to do it once and have no idea how. It was when I was checking Wild Weather’s location. Resorted to Streetmap.

This postal address issues also causes problems for Non-League groundhoppers.

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I think they might have changed it (for the worse). I seem to recall that if you simply searched for the county in Google maps it showed the county boundaries but not if you searched for a particular address/postcode. However, I just tried searching for Berkshire and only got a map for an area bounded by Tewkesbury, Cambridge, Newhaven & Bournemouth with no county boundary shown at any zoom level. I also found quite a lot of fairly recent comments - often on genealogy forums - complaining about Google maps not showing county boundaries (UK or US) so I guess if they were ever shown, they aren’t now.