Wondering. RateBeer Summer Gathering?

Fingers are crossed.

Salt lake city anyone?

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I’m thinking plummeting social engagement will make gatherings a thing of the past, unfortunately.

But… The statistics!


Please don’t tell me I hosted the last RBWG ever???
Come on we have to keep this going!!!


Is there any active local left?

SLC would be awesome. Assuming it isn’t while I’m in PA I would go.

No, you hosted the last RBSG ever. Brad hosted the last RBWG ever.

It would be shame to see this end. A summer gathering in SLC would be great. Did Michigan give up?

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One of the best things about RB was the gatherings. Meeting all the fine and not so fine folks and ticking like a beast have been things I look forward to every 6 months.

If nothing comes to fruition we can/should all go visit DJ in Houston…

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Unfortunately, after the acquisition of RateBeer by AB-InBev, a lot of interest and support from our local breweries subsided.

That, and it was a lot of legwork on my end to get all those ducks in a row.

The fading interest from the user base, based on the vote totals, makes me even less motivated to gather a proposal for the 3rd straight year.

We have a great thing going in SW Michigan though, so if anybody wants to plan a trip this way, let me know.

I miss djd. We should all go and drink his beer!

I think it’s notable that there wasn’t even an initial planning thread, much less a proposal. The people that have held this little community together over the years have all left.

Things like Gatherings and Free Beer Week and RateBeerian of the Year awards are all likely things of the past, at this point.

I’d love to drive around a crew of serious tickers around Milwaukee or Chicago. I always thought the MI proposal sounded great as well. It would be a bonus if Rate-a-Beer/XYZ itself would run with it a little too. All gatherings to Europe I guess.

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Sadly I think I am going to start hitting up people directly and just visiting or as Nuplastikk mentioned, start looking the European Gatherings. May also not have much of a choice as it seems Trump is at war with Canada and they may not let me over the border…

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My plans, exactly.

I’m going to alternate yearly visits between Copenhagen and Brussels. (Obvious Stockholm visit attached to Copenhagen)