World Beer Cup 2018 - Winners

The winners of WBC 2018 are here.

Of 302 awards, 242 are going to the US. No surprises there.

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I didn’t count them, but judging from scrollbar travel, 2/3rds of the entrants were US breweries.
And Latvia was represented by CIDO (=macro), and Lithuania was represented by Tauro-Kalnapilio (=macro), and Estonia wasn’t represented by anyone at all, so I think we can safely ignore the results as being mostly meaningless.

I also love how the awards in each category are sorted - bronze, then gold, then silver. Completely logical, if alphabetical order is what you crave. Must be coded by the same bodgers as RB! And 302 doesn’t divide by 3…

The BA press release states that “One gold award was not given in Category 36, International-Style Pilsener.”


Is this one of the awards that Eastern European macro brewers proudly display on their beer labels in the form of little gold medals?:smiley: