World's Largest Beer Bottle Collections

Here we have the largest beer bottle collections in the world (top 5) as of june 2018.

If any of you would knows of any collection over 20K bottles anywhere in the world, please raise your hand!




Been to the one in Belgium.

Also been to the Carlsberg Brewery for a Beer Festival (but didn’t know about their bottle collection).


The real question is how much of the 39k is cellar rot?

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None of it. The 39k is the largest collection of empty bottles. The Carslberg collection however is unopened bottles (collected since the sixties), so plenty of cellar rot there.

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Thanks for clarifying. Had a 2005 Pannepot recently that was way past prime, imagine hoarding that many bottles it becomes inevitable.

Where’s the Darwin Stubbie?

At the judgment day, front of God:

GOD - So, what have you done with your life?
LEIF - I bought more more than 22000 bottles of beer.
GOD - My godness! You’re kidding! At least, were some of them good?
LEIF - Dunnow.


Really cool collection at Carlsberg.I wonder if Ron Werner does tours? I can’t seem to find much info online. Would be something to see.

I was going to ask the same question, would visit someday, since he’s not far away.