Worst DC beers

Whats up DC crew… Here’s some holiday fun. What’s your worst 10 DC beers? Here’s mine. Fairly predictable except that i gave that dill and garlic armagedon a lofty 1.9 when i remember it as the worst. Nothing lower than 1.1 for me - a three way tie for worst between two bardos and one choc city.

Nobody has worst DC beers? @LagerWhisperer56 ? @GenDV138 @radagast83 ?

Ahhh! Totally missed this one.

Here’s my worst beers. To be fair, I didn’t have enough Chocolate City before they closed (or did I? :thinking:), and I’ve only had two Bardo beers. I was way too kind of the Chocolate City beers that I had…

DC Brau Atlas Fest Bier - 2.8
DC Brau El Hefe Speaks - 2.8
DC Brau Exaltation - 2.7
DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon (Dill Weed and Garlic) - 2.7
Chocolate City Big Chair IPA - 2.6
Bluejacket Duchamp - 2.6
Chocolate City Mister Mayor - 2.5
Bluejacket The Inginue - 2.3
Bluejacket Heavy Meadow - 2.2
Bardo Marion Berry Ale - 2.2

haha, there’s that dill weed and garlic beer again


Needless to say, I’m not a 3 Stars homer.

Ha! I’m not a huge fan either, and the prices they charge on bottles there only adds insult to injury. I guess they weren’t bad enough to bump Bardo, District Chophouse or Choc city out for me.

I did not give any less than 2.0, but that is because I refuse to have any more 3 Stars saisons or District ChopHouse beers besides RIS or BWs.

DC Brau Belgianized Wings of Armageddon 2.8
Bardo Pale Ale 2.7
Atlas Brew Works Home Rule 2.7
Bluejacket / Country Boy Man o’ War 2.7
District ChopHouse Weizenbock 2.5
District ChopHouse Dunkelweizen 2.5
3 Stars Lime Basil Saison (LBJ) 2.4
District ChopHouse Light Lager 2.4
District ChopHouse Elliots Nut Brown 2.3
Bardo Bubba’s Sour Mash 2

Well I had considered going to the ChopHouse to get a few quick ticks one of the days I’m in that area… might reconsider.

If DC was still it’s original 100 square miles, New District would be in the running for this list.

Well, tix is tix afterall… though now that RFD is gone Jackpot probably is the best place for pre-hockey game drinks

I usually end up at places without much of a beer selection before hockey games (Shake Shack, Ruth Chris’, Graffiato, Rosa Mexicana)

Graffiato has the 3 Stars / Mike Isabella Concepts (MIC) Saison for anyone looking for that… :thinking:

ahhh. Jackpot also has free popcorn besides the 15-20 craft beer taps. Some strange stuff there too from Va. you don’t see at CK or Meridian Pint.

Wait. You go to Ruth’s Chris before hockey games? I can’t get my head around this.

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Way to bump a 8 month old post.

If we’re using my in-law’s season tickets and we go to the game with at least one of them, they usually like going to Ruth’s Chris. If it’s just my wife and I or if we’re with other people, we always go someplace else.

“we always go someplace else” I shall assume you are referring to The Four Seasons here. Snob.

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