Would you like a Free Beer?

I think it’s a bit late for free beer week, but I order some beers from Island Brewery on the Isle of Wight and have a spare one of these to give away.


So how did I get my hands on this slightly above average (my 3.6 rate feels generous in hindsight) Christmas beer?

Simple, just answer the following question…

Which football team do I support?

The small print:

  • The first correct answer gets the beer.
  • Only one guess per person.
  • I am only going to post to main land UK.

If no one guesses, I will provide clues each 24 hours (approx) and open guesses back up to everyone until someone get it right.

If no one responds at all or guesses correctly I will drink the beer myself on Saturday Night.


Hull KR

I think Hull KR play with a different shaped ball!!

No winner yet.

Leyton Orient

Lincoln United

Not right so far

Oh you mean Soccer.

In that case Scunthorpe.

The Imps, Lincoln City.


Nottingham Forest?

Huddersfield Town. Like all fans of Patrick Stewart.

Gainsborough Trinity

No correct guesses yet.

I particularly liked the Lincoln United, currently playing in Northern Premier League Division One South, which I think is in the 8th tier of the football league pyramid.

Liverpool … Paisley puge … hobvious !!!

And we have a winner!!! If you BeerMail me your address i will post over your prize!!

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Craft football.


UHow do you actually support Liverpool FC?

Send them money every month, or buy from the club shop, have a season ticket?

Or are you just ‘a fan’?


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The majority of my support is through emotional energy, i haven’t been to as many games in the last few years as I used to.

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