WOW just WOW

Congratulations to @MarcoDL on Being the oldest Ratebeerian at 112 Years old


That is impressive. Just a decade to go for the world record.


They do always say that alcohol has preservative properties :flushed:


A wonderful achievement. Well done!

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So you’re sayin’ I got a chance…
Congrats @MarcoDL!

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Ha! Congrats!

Also, what does that list even mean? You become a master when you turn 50? Or does it have something to do with how many beers I say “gold pour, tastes like citrus, bitter end” about that makes me a master?

Pretty sure it’s age based.

Its 62 years on from 50, You Become a Master at age 50, so thats 112. Not from 65, I think theyve just created a 65+ column but none of them are less than 15 years as master.

A young Biden voter

Fucking lost the will to live reading this thread.

The actual proof that livers can endure

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It might be Ratebeer took the age of my liver, but I also have a vague memory of changing my RB age to make some kind of point on how crappy RB is. The fact that I can’t recall the point itself is a bad omen for actually making 112 I’m affraid.

But in the spirit of ‘take what you can, give nothing back’, I thank you all for the laurels.