Wrong personal score at the brewery pages

It is not as easy as before to see which beers you have had, when you scroll through the page of any brewery. Also your personal score (e.g. 3.4) for a beer you’ve had does not show on the brewery page, but is abbreviated to 3 (or to 4, if your score is 3.6). This is falsifying my scores, and I won’t have anything of it! Please bring this back to normal a.s.a.p.!


Actually it’s quite easy to see which beers you have/haven’t had because it is a filter option now (Hide beers I have already rated/Hide beers I haven’t rated).

My scores are not abbreviated. I don’t know what is going on for you there.

I see this too. It’s been like this for some time and is obviously stupid. Whilst if you look at a column “My Rating” you can see your correct score, if you look below a beer’s entry you see “Rated 4 on 1/26/2008” if you gave it anywhere between 3.5 and 4.4.


My score is the 3.70 / the Rated 4 must be make it easier to know it was rated - the beige coloration could be darker!

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Sorry this has taken so long to fix, it’s being looked at currently by the developers and hopefully will be out in the next release. In your example; the 3.70 will now be 3.7 and bolded as well for extra emphasis.

The line which as ‘Rated 4 on 10/15/2012’ will be removed.


That’s good to know @aww I’m sure any raters and admins left on the site by the time of the next release if this logging-in fiasco isn’t sorted soon will appreciate that.

Don’t remove the entire line, please. Just the (wrong) score. The date is actually useful!

Of course, it would be more useful if rerating didn’t change the date, which has caused a bunch of people to stop rerating - which we need to keep the site more up to date.
Rated on 10/15/2012. Re-rated on 9/12/2017. Would be the best option, with the base date being always kept as a reference - in all instances. Maybe with an option for the user to “push” the review to be in line with the new date should they wish so, as it was with place reviews.

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Okay, we’ll keep it in.

I’m fairly confident that we have already addressed the date changing problem last year; but let me check with the devs to see if this is true.

I know that we wanted to keep the original date of rating/review intact, but also explored the idea of having text somewhere that said: Edited on 9/12/2017 or Updated on 9/12/2017

Will see if we can squeeze this one in as well.

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Thanks man - as you can see, this is a very detail-oriented community in many ways, such things mean a lot to people.