WTF is going on with Iron Hill on the website

Why are there like 600 different Iron Hill breweries? I’m trying to enter a new location in Rehoboth here and no idea which brewery to associate it with, or which one to enter the new beer I drank. Are these really all considered different breweries? Seems ridiculous.

Moreover some beers are duplicated in multiple locations while other beers seem to have a random location assigned to them. Makes no sense.

I ran an “Iron Hill” search under breweries and only got 12. Most in PA. All with this image:


When a small business (small?) has 12 brewpubs, but no massive central brewery, things may get confusing. Admins might consider making one of (the biggest?) the brewery and relegating the other brewpubs to places. @services

McMinnamins in Oregon might be an example.

What if the recipes are not centralized? It’s one if the same thing is brewed in all places, but if every place has its own beers with own recipes, then a centralized location sucks major ass and makes things confusing, further boosted by different locations having different beers (even style-wise if I remember correctly) under identical names. I reckon that’s why it was never merged together.

Like all the various Mc-Rock Bottom breweries? But they are centralized. I would say join them but maybe put which one they were brewed at if it’s specific in the name of the individual beer

Like the one I’m trying to enter: Iron Hill (Rehoboth) - Koastal Kolsch

(the things I do to get a random Kolsch tick btw)

Yeah, so there are currently 12 Iron Hill brewer entries. There are shared and location specific recipes. For shared recipes, the beer is entered under the location where the beer first appeared.

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I suppose some McDonalds have locally sourced potatoes in some places, and some countries local-focused stuff like shrimp burgers (Japan).

Still, how is one to know these days where it first appeared, or which are shared? Plus, satellite brewers or no, these are all still brewed under the overarching Iron Hill stamp of approval. If we start doing this for Iron Hill, then we should do it for like 1000 other breweries like Stone, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas etc which have satellite brewpubs around the country with unique location-specific beers.

Personally I don’t think this is the way to go, but I’m just some guy

I would say search for the beer name. If you see it already added under another facility other than the one you’re at, rate it. If not, add it to the location you are at.

You can always put it in where it’s already at, and if you are at a different venue, note that in the rating. Firestone Walker could have had this problem with their experimental brewery, but here’s how it has been handled:

Firestone Walker Propagator Buddha’s Hard Pink Lemonade Sour / Wild Ale

Firestone Walker Propagator Buddha’s Hard Pink Lemonade with Watermelon Sour / Wild Ale

Firestone Walker Propagator Coconut Milk Porter Porter

Firestone Walker Propagator Generation 1 IPA

Firestone Walker Propagator Kettle Sour - Berliner Style Berliner Weisse

Firestone Walker Propagator Mole Merlin Spice / Herb / Vegetable

Firestone Walker Propagator Oh Snap! Saison with Ginger Saison

Firestone Walker Propagator OPALescence Saison

Firestone Walker Propagator Patrick Hayze IPA

They named the Venice venue Propagator, but in another situation it could be like Mikkeller San Diego - or for example if the name Propagator hadn’t applied -

Firestone Walker Venice Patrick Hayze

Ya i guess the issue is they opened a new location at Rehoboth and I don’t want to add a 13th brewery under the name for one shitty Kolsch. Which is the Iron Hill Mother Ship location?

Also any admins weigh in on this? @discobot - you got something worthwhile to say here?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


On November 14th [1996], Iron Hill officially pours its first beer and serves its first dish at 147 E Main St in Newark, Delaware."

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Here you go, I added it for you

In the future don’t be hesitant to add brewers that aren’t in the database already. It’s not that hard to do.

Usually I don’t hesitate and have entered a bunch, just seemed like a glitch in the system in this case

What we did with Virginia with stuff like Three Notch’d (one brewery, notes of original locale - if available - in notes) might work here, but I don’t know the region. It made sense in Virginia to merge all of the various locations popping up for various breweries even though they each have their own brews.

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Sounds preferable… Nobody is trying to claim all the Stone or Lagunitas locations need their own breweries afterall. For consistency’s sake, would be better to merge.