WTF is going on with the site? The Sequel

Old thread was way, way too long.

It’s bleeding. Bleeding badly.

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Agreed; but I feel a better solution is to start threads relating to a specific issue rather than have a mass amount of information that will inevitably end up getting lost in the noise.

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Yeah, it’s been done and who’s listening.


Do you have specific examples?

Issues are regularly addressed, some will take longer than others - whether due to complexity, prioritization, politics, or in some cases - data that the majority of users want something else.

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That’s what we should do. and Close the topic once the problem is solved…ok most problems don’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but like you said, if 100 problems are all listed in the same topic, with tons of non-related replies, it just don’t work.

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How aboot doing a beer or place search without having to logout and login. No one of so called “authority” told us that would “fix” the problem. BAs brought that to our attention.

How aboot something as simple as not blocking the reply button with the post count on these very forums?

How aboot dates for reviews rather than 1 week ago, 1 month ago…

I’d go on but I’ll leave that for others.

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Id like to see the number of beer and place rates again next to a user’s name in the forums. Not really sure why that would seem a good idea to take away.

Why would you lock the other thread? Do you really think that helps anything?

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Things got lost in the other thread because they weren’t addressed. You lose oversight. Then things get complicated. Having a single thread for each problem will only clutter the forums imho. Then things get lost again because they won’t be addressed.

That’s interesting, particularly since 3 or 4 month old issues that we raged against still haven’t been sorted, and questions about updates on that were ignored.

Just went back to the document listing priorities created by Joe two months ago, none of that was touched seemingly. And that includes bugged stuff and mistakes in beer page design that make admin work for us who actually do content admin work annoying and time wasting.

Months and months without any fixes and communication in that department puts people on the edge.


Communication, and I mean non-corporate communication along the lines of “we are working towards the best solution” or shit like that that’s being spewed, but honest communication would do wonders. And yet… mostly ignoring questions, or corporate answers, or defensive vague answers, none of which helps anybody.

It’s an issue that’s been going on for a year and a half now. and TJ, don’t think this is ad hominem in any way… Your replies here are going in the right direction. But with a document where a lot of gripes were brought out and none yet resolved (did you guys even get to see it?!), can we really be sure that even separate threads for separate issues would help?


Probably useful to have a link to the old thread: WTF is going on with this site?

I appreciate that thread was not a good one for looking at specific bugs and fixes, but wasn’t about that. It was about whether management

  • had a sensible plan to fix the site, which perhaps needed some modernisation and fixes;
  • could manage a project to do that over some reasonable time;
  • could “change manage” that project (ie explain the story to regulars and bring them along;
  • could reasonably test changes before going live;
  • could successfully implement changes without breaking more things.

And, if the answer to most or all of those questions was “no”, realise there was a honking big problem and find a way to address it.

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Hello - we’ve identified the issue with searching for places and will be rolling out a fix this week.

The problem was two-fold:

  1. We’re using a 3rd party service to help identify the browser’s location so that we can show (roughly) how far the places are from you. Due to the amount of traffic RateBeer is getting these days, we hit one of their tiers and needed to upgrade to the next tier.
  2. We weren’t properly handling the scenario that arises when the browser location is empty/not-provided when performing a search for places

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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“Due to the amount of traffic RateBeer is getting these days”

Good to keep in mind that RateBeer isn’t just all about us and our individual, sometimes quirky, interests.

Indeed. We have failed in getting them to understand there is a big problem.

So apparently as praised all the time the amount of traffic is incredebly high. But we as the active user base dont see this at all. The high-active users, those who are around the forums, showing up problems in the everyday use, are the core of site if you havent understood yet. Without those active mebers, the database and all the information wouldnt be up-to-date.
So if the traffic really is this signifanctly higher it is because, the core members do a pretty good job in filling the database. Because I assume most of the traffic is people reading reviews, checking places, locating breweries. Because forum activity and database activity is percentage-wise done by a really small amount of people. So you probably shouldnt only focus on new members adding to a high amount of traffic but also listen to us, the active and daily users, who provide an accurate database for the rest of the users. Maybe I am completely wrong but in my perception this is whats going on at the moment. @services


@services I’d still like to be able to add beers to my cellar and wants list. Once location data is entered, it no longer becomes available to click on the locate sellers button to add it to your lists. No response on the thread I started regarding this.


Looks like the beer/place search is being fixed; but you bring up a good point that communication could be better. What solution would you propose?

Unsure what you mean about blocking post count - Can you elaborate?

Dates for reviews I’ve seen before - Perhaps there’s a toggle that can be added to support both in user preferences.


Hmm - Adding beer & place rates back into forums would be interesting, but Discourse is now used as the forum software, rather than RateBeer’s previous home-baked solution. Unsure how difficult this would be; but I’d also just say this is likely lower priority due to the number of users on forums. But great idea!


Agreed - things are going to get lost in the clutter; granted this thread is already going this way. What would be a good solution for handling this in the forums? Currently this is being posted in “Site News” - which seems inappropriate. Perhaps a new forum, where an issue can be addressed with a proper template (Issue, personal configuration, reproduction steps, etc.). Anything that doesn’t follow the template is locked and the user asked to edit/resubmit properly. This could cut down on noise, and give an easy to peruse forum for issues. Users could of course like the original post to show support.


“Corporate speak” can certainly come off as dismissive to users. How would you suggest that the RateBeer team addresses the forums, while being honest? As with any company, there will always be varying priorities, politics, and the like - and users don’t likely don’t want to hear that their suggestion/bug/feature isn’t at the top.


RateBeer has a plan, does manage their time, does not bring the user along, does test changes, but sometimes things are missed and introduces a bug - as with all software.

Seems like the main issue that isn’t addressed in this case is the communication - which has been brought up by others as well (See above). How would you propose a solution?


So to boil your comment down - it seems you’re vocalizing the same as others - You feel unheard. How would you propose a solution?


Interesting - You’ll notice that parts of the website are being redeveloped from the ground-up (Home page, beer profile page, search, etc.) - Resources are not often being devoted to the older codebase, so I would expect depending on complexity is whether this would be addressed or not so as not to spent much time on something that will be replaced later.

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I think you addressed the :elephant: in the room @tjbiddle

We have a lot of issues to work on and a really small team. So we end up having to prioritize - which ultimately translates to “Sorry, your issue just isn’t going to get worked on because we’ve got more important things to deal with”. Could you imagine the response if I were to say that in response to someone’s problem? :face_with_head_bandage:

Also, there are some errors and performance issues that we see in our diagnostic/monitoring tools which need to be addressed because they affect huge swaths of visitors. These are major issues that are not raised in the forums but tend to be the highest priority. So when I say, I appreciate your patience - its not just corporate speak. I really mean it! :pray:

This group of folks on the forums are the most dedicated group of users and have stuck with RateBeer through its growing pains. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys. Not to mention those thousands of nameless visitors rely on the content that you all generate when they visit RB.

tl;dr - We need to do a better job at communicating that your feedback is being heard and where it falls in with our priorities.

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