Wu Da Lian Chi Beer

Hey guys, Joet and I had some beer last night from northern China. But I can’t find any info anywhere on the brewery. Anybody speak good Chinese? Thanks!

“Wu Da Lian Chi, the natural volcano garden of the world”

A photo of the label would help.


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Trying to help you answer I found this directory that may be helpful. It lists lots of breweries not sure if someone (with lots of time) wants to bump up against ours to see if we’re missing any of these


using that in google with translation helps a lot

I try to go through as many sources as I can to make sure Hong Kong is up-to-date on a weekly basis, considering the territory has no admin. The problem is that I seem to be the only one that tries to keep Hong Kong in tip-top shape: I made a typo with one of the brewery names (Mong Kong instead of Mong Kok) about twenty days ago and it still has not been fixed despite numerous requests for a fix.

It’s time for a Hong Kong admin, RB.

I maintain a current list of craft breweries in Greater China, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Craft Beer Asia poached from my list, but didn’t fill in the details. I’m developing it into a guidebook.

If anyone is thinking about doing a beer trip to China, I wrote an e-book that will be helpful, called How to Drink Beer in Mandarin.

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