Wyoming state rate anyone ... plus 20% off BD online

Brewdog running a black Friday style initiative with 20% off online until Sunday. 30% if you’re an EFP member.

I also noticed they had 4 different cans from Melvin who brew in Wyoming. Not a common state rate by any means … just the 2 for this Bois!

Unfortunately the IPA seems to have sold out but I bagged the other 3.

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Damn, already done too many bottleshop orders for this month. Can’t justify another one now :frowning:

we can get most of the Melvin here in Boise… Let me know.

Cheers Steve.

Wasn’t so much Melvin, more the rare state tick!

You heading over the pond soon?

I think I’m coming over in May, Birmingham and Blackpool. Hope to get some more regional ticks

Melvin - Killer Bees available on draft @ Brewdog, Camden yesterday evening (29/11).