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Your 10 favourite bars in Brugs

  • Hi,

  • I have been going to Brugs for many years and have a well worn route around the city trying to avoid the map holding, guide reading hoards that populate the streets staring up at gables, bears and other sights during the day; thankfully it’s usually quieter at night, when the tour guides with their buses have departed.

  • I have grown to love some of the world class bars the city has to offer and thought it would be fun for regular visitors to list their favourite drinking places in this lovely city.

  • So my top 10 (no real order, as i can’t pick a first, second and third).

  • De Bierboom; love Rudy and his ‘basic’ tasting room and bottle shop, brews some good stuff too.

  • 't Brugs Beertje; Daisy may have gone, but it’s still a wonderful place to meet beer loving people and chat over a few bevvies.

  • De Garre; Much preferred it before the guide books started listing the place, but if we can get into a table on the ground floor we don’t move for a long time.

  • Red Rose; most romantic of my selection, wish their prices were a bit lower.

  • La Trappist; like the look of this cellar bar, love the Golden Draak font and the fact they do ‘flights’. Wish the music was at a lower volume though.

  • Comptoir des Arts; Bram and his wife have done a great job down there, ex-barman from Daisy’s days at 't Brugs Beertje of course. Cool vibes, late night bar.

  • ’t Poatersgat; across the road from Bram’s cellar bar, this has a noisier crowd that Comptoir des Arts but the place is also a great late night bar with a good selection of beers.

  • Volkscafé Sint-Jakobs; Tom, another ex-Daisy barman has turned this place into a cracking pub. His choice of music is ‘different’ and he doesn’t want to have 100’s of different beers on offer like many bars in Brugs. He is happy with the locals and the occasional ‘beer tourist’ who knew him before, (like me) coming in to say hello.

  • Beers Yesterdays World; bar inside an antique shop, decent selection of beers, plenty of stuff hanging around for sale, has cost me a lot on occasions, as the drink has made me buy items to take home (that the wife has insisted I bought).

  • Café De Windmolen; lovely old cafe, the only bar that stocks Pius X in Brugs (to my knowledge).

  • My wife and I will be back in Brugs next week, hope to visit all those ten places during our four night stay, might even venture into some other bars too; I will see what others have named in their top drinking places in Brugs.

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Hi BlackHaddock

You’ve definitely named the most important places to visit for a beer hunter.
I hadn’t visited Bierboom until about a month ago because I met Rudy at Brugs Bierfestival. The ratings were good too. He has such an interesting, small selection of unknown brews.

Le Trappiste is somewhat a favourite of mine too, but incidentally, I complained about the music last time to the bartender and the owner, who sat at the bar with a friend of his, wanted me to complain to him. We had a brief discussion about this issue but my overall feeling was that I was met with disregard (I put this in my place rating too). Such a shame, really.

Red Rose is on my list too, will visit shortly I guess.

I don’t even know Volkscafé Sint-Jakobs, Beers Yesterdays World or Café De Windmolen, so I’d say thank you for the recommendations!

The only place missing in this list is Cambrinus, one of my favourite restaurants. Okay, it’s stacked with tourists, but the food is good and it’ll be a while until I’ve ticked everything from their beer list!
A bit further down the road from Cambrinus, towards the market square, is Café Cambrinus now, its new “baby brother” which offers 20 rotating taps.

That’s about it when it comes to beer destinations, feel free to contact me about other nice restaurants in Bruges!


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Thanks for the kind post above.

My wife and I have been going (and taking people) to Brugge for many years now; Daisy used to call be ‘Captain Haddock’ and still did when we met by chance last year, shortly after she retired.

Cambrinus is always full of British blokes in large groups and I have stopped going in there for that reason, loved it when first opened, but it is just too noisy for me now. Their Pasta dishes were always good value and of course the beer list is huge. Just the customers (and sometimes the waitress’s) annoyed me. I saw the new baby bar but we didn’t go in, now I know it has 20 taps I will most likely have a look on our next visit.

Really liked the new brewery set up, must have cost a fortune to build it there. I know the building was already up, but to convert it like they have is very impressive.

As for nice restaurants, we are a bit naughty and rarely eat ‘posh’ when in Brugge, the beers fill us up and we can sometimes be seen at the two green vans in The Burg late into the night!


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Forgot to mention that Rudy holds a pre-Brugge Bierfestival event in De Bierboom (on the Friday before). About 50/60 of us squeeze in and share beers and food that we all take. Some great people with fantastic beers and food local to them turn up each year and we have a wonderful time drinking and eating all night. Ask Rudy nicely and he will invite you!

Sadly we missed this years event, but we will be there in 2019. Italians, Americans, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and even Canadians along with Brits and Belgians.


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I’ve heard about that event! However, I’m afraid I might be out of tune there because I don’t have an amazing backlog of bottles like so many others…


New beers are also welcome.