Your best beer related idea

Mine was the Ratebeer House

Drinking beer! Know that!!!


Zwickel barleywine.

Hazy malt liquor

Being able to tick/rate raters. Like that chill barleywine drinking bro @Ibrew2or3 comes in at a 4.8 because I homer’d him back in the Tuesday tasting days in Flo Rida


In 2016 I got ten local pubs to stock special beers for a townwide Oktoberfest. I contacted local Shropshire breweries asking them to brew a special beer each, with at least one German ingredient and call it something Germanic. It was a great success but sadly the following year I was offered no funding from my 2016 backers, so no posters/maps/beermats/pumpclips or advertising. So I didn’t run it again, same this year. One brewer however still brews the special he made for me and it’s his biggest seller.



We should give eachother Meow Meow Beanz? :slight_smile:

Buying a personal man-cave fridge.

Starting a comprehensive beer rating site, assembling a strong community of beer nerds, then exploiting it for profit while dismantling it brick by brick.