Your best time drinking bud light

What are some of your best memories while drinking bud light? Mine was at a Coldplay concert.

Good memories and drinking bud???, Never.

Sir, you are going to anger management with that attitude.

C’est ne pas possible.

Had it once. So the average at best pub near the office buying a Bud Lite because there were no better ticks.

I can’t say for certain that I’ve ever had one.
I’ve certainly had Budweiser many times but…

I DO remember liking Bud Dry when it was introduced in ~ 1990.

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My best time is never having it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bud Dry was good but Rainier Dry was gooder.


I’ve had thousands during my high school and college days so best memories for that decade apply.

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The only time I drink it, when offered by others (tailgate etc.).

Bhops is dusting off some OG memes.

A few years back. My wife had just left me and I left work early. I wandered into a Wetherspoons at 11am. Bud Light had just become available in the UK. I had a half pint. It was worse than I remembered. I knew that God was dead, and that knowledge was like a burden lifted off my shoulders.

Haven’t even rated that, so (luckily?) never had it. So, no good time with it.

I see your post which are way too many for anyone that actually has an outside life or maybe you get buzzed fast and just start posting random garbage. I’ve came close a few times to actually say do you have an outside life or any friends? You just answered my question. Seriously, wax dipped, fur lined cups of Bud Light at a Coldplay concert, that’s as weak as your post are.

Come back at me with some more weak shit I’m gonna scroll past from now on. You bring this site down.

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Way too many

The only time I have ever drank this beer was on 8th July 2014 while staying at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. On that date there were 2852 rates before mine, today that number has fallen to 2754 (including mine). Are people ashamed they’ve drank and rated this, or is something else happening to rates and raters?
This is my write up: Why have 2852 people already rated this? It was the most rated beer I had not had until now. I had been pounding the strip in Las Vegas all day and I needed a refreshing drink, so I bought a 25oz can in the Treasure Island store by the door and rushed up to the 19th floor to open my prized possession, that extra oz made all the difference you know.The view out my window of the Encore and Wynn helped me calm down as I began to drink my heavily rated brew. To be fair it did the trick, it was refreshing and although my taste buds were not required it was not offensive or nasty in any way, just a fairly bland, light golden lager. Glad I have finally had one, but I will not be having another in a hurry. I did struggle to finish it though, as it warmed a little it started to change for the worst, I could detect a weak grain and metallic twang: drink it fast and well chilled if you have one.



I once years ago went to a bar that was giving away a very nice (for a giveaway) beer glass with a Baltimore Ravens logo on one side and a Bud Lite logo on the reverse side with the purchase of a single draft Bud Light (It was essentially a “Buy the beer, keep the glass” type promo). I still have the glass, and just used it (with water- not beer) a couple hours ago.

I think they were also offering discounted refills that night with use of the glass.

It’s not one of my favorite beers, even among adjunct lagers (To be honest, it’s not even my favorite light beer), but I don’t mind it now and again- especially if it’s associated with discounts and free stuff. :slight_smile: I can roll with almost anything under the right circumstances (The only things I really just don’t drink are Busch and Milwaukee’s Best).

I will say that both Budwesier (aka “Bud Heavy”) and Michelob even more so are the better traditional “AB/Budwesier” branded beers. Obviously, the Goose Island IPA is their best “acquired brand” beer that I’ve had, and Rolling Rock is their best acquired discount or semi-discount brand (Although it really is tasting more and more generic and less like RR traditionally tastes as time goes by, unfortunately, and replacing the painted bottles with a see-through sticker was kind of annoying. But it’s still decent for the price, and nostalgia invoking). Stella Artois is alright, but way overpriced (At least on the American side of the Atlantic) for what it is- if you handed it to me for free, I’d drink it and be happy to have it, it’s just that the whole “import” price structure makes no sense for me at a cash register when I could pay to have craft beer at that same price point instead, or save some money by buying something similar to SA but cheaper (If it were priced more in line with other beers of it’s true caliber, it’d be a more tempting buy).

And of course the king of bargain-brand beers taste, smell, and presentation wise for me is National Bohemian, although not owned by AB-Inbev.