Your favorite aspect of brewpubs

I love it when I can visit a brewpub in February that still has their winter seasonal on tap, along with their pumpkin beer, and their late summer IPA. It is reallllllly great.

What do you love when you visit tap rooms/brewpubs?

having the beers as fresh as possible.

In Bavaria/Franconia, the best aspect is Holzfass, if the brewpub has one.

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No sarcasm, when they have as few shitty “core” beers as possible : blond, amber, red, brown and stout I’m looking at you.

Or in the spirit of the thread: I loooooooooove me some classics like a nice refreshing blond (if it says so on the board it’s because it’s true!) or a good creamy stout. As boring, lifeless and generic as possible please :star_struck:

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I like it when the have a bit of a circle of brewery friends that they also represent on their taps. So if they currently don’t have a great stout, they put another breweries great stout on tap.

Unfortunately, my local brewery doesn’t do this and they hardly ever have new beers of their own.

Oh, yeahhhh!!!

I don’t see much of that in my parts. But sounds amazing!!!

I know a few brewpub around here are on friendly terms with collabs and stuff and they have no problem to have eachother beers on tap in addition to their own beers. I just feel like that is how it should be, although I understand brewpubs want to sell their own beer first and foremost. But if your own beer is great that shouldn’t be a problem.

More seasonals in different styles. At least in NZ, there are certain styles that won’t sell in bottle shops (particularly barley wines, wheat beers, saisons, Belgian styles etc.), but can be sold on tap by enthusiastic staff (i.e. the people involved in making it). Brewpubs thus tend to be the best place to find seasonal specials that aren’t in the IPA / pale ale, sour or stout categories.

Good food, good beers, good guest beers.

My favorite aspect? Fresh, well made beers. Doesn’t always happen but if not i wont frequent that joint. Of course i,m a fuckin hermit so it doesn’t really matter! My local, Hollow Earth, keeps me entertained. Frequent better establishments, beastie. Also, pumpkin beers rock, any time of year.

I love it when you go to a brewpub and they have none of their own beers on. A common occurrence in the UK.

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Yes, this is fun, especially when making a special trip out. Some places seem to brew seasonally or (very very) occasionally!

For me, brewpubs is all about the beer, trying beers that are not so commonly available elsewhere. I’ve not visited so many ‘proper’ brewpubs, although I’m taking in Deya and Moor next weekend (if I get over this rotten cold in time, that is).

Wifi and a comfortable place to sit. Decent beer helps.