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Your opinions of Wegman's?

They’re opening one in my area soon. I’ve been in one once.
Huge store with lots of beer, wine and apparently everything else…
I understand they’re sort of a beer/wine retail heavyweight.
Is the reputation deserved? Should I be hyped?

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I was disappointed in the one that opened in New York. Foodwise it did not seem much better than an Acme or Giant. Beerwise it was fine. I know you like to get sessions of not too expensive beer, so it might fill that niche for you well. From my perspective, I will never shop there for beer in NYC. I would be interested to see one elsewhere.

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I will say the better the job they do of stocking local brews, the more points in my book.
I’m hardly a whale chaser true, but I do drink hyper-locally more often than not.

It is typically just a grocery store that has beer. Hope for a great beer selection and expect an average beer selection.

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When they opened in Corning, NY late 80s it put out most the other groceries out of business. Back then I was not old enough for beer, but the food and bakery were awesome. Plus always good to fill up on samples. Now when I go back to see my parents it’s one of the better places to build a mix sixer as they carry a wide range from in state and import for BFE NY. Obviously, I hit local breweries first, which I think is up to 4 now.

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Thanks @SHIG . I’m just hoping maybe they’ll light a fire under Total Wine’s ass to step up their game.
Excepting local grocers and a couple of bottle shops, TW is where most of my beer coins go.

Someone local posted the big but otherwise shit selection of ciders they carried. Probably just okay to grab an affordable sixer of Left-hand or something in a hurry. Food wise, there are just too many other options.

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Unfortunately we do not have Wegman’s here in New Hampshire. But they have a few stores in nearby Massachusetts and the ones I have visited seem to have a good beer selection considering it is a supermarket chain.

The way I look at Wegman’s is that I’m there to buy some groceries and when I am finished I will check out the beer selection. You might find a few surprises.

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