Your perfect 4 Beer Flight

On Tuesday I had a 4 beer flight that I considered the best I have ever had and it got me wondering what would be my ideal one.

So, what is the best Flight you can remember having and what would be your ‘ultimate flight’?

The one I chose in Crush & Brew, Temecula had this selection (all new rates for me):

Alesmith Horny Devil
Lost Abbey Lost & Found
Port Brewing Santa’s Little Helper
Ritual Hellion

I think that takes some beating, the only beer I had never heard of was the Hellion from Ritual and it was fine, complimenting the other famous heavy brews.

I have no idea what my ‘ideal flight’ would contain to be honest, so haven’t posted one. Should I go Belgian, Californian, Shropshire, mixed styles, Imperial everything, the list grows as you think about it.