Your thoughts and good feelings please

Our courageous dog, my office mascot, Mooi is spending all day at the doctor to undergo a routine surgical procedure…

She’ll be fine. Happy Friday! I may give her her first sip of beer tonight. She deserves it.




in other Friday news, we spent this week in planning for next quarter, getting the rest of the team together in New York, and me on data cleanup, fixing bugs, more transitional work to the new design, handling feedback, tax issues, and some advertising hiccups.

I would appreciate it a lot if you could be a bit more detailed than this. What you’re saying reads like: “We’re working on stuff. We’re fixing things. Oh and we’re planning stuff too!”

A lot of people here would love to see a roadmap showing the current priorities of you and your team and it would also be a great way to give us some peace of mind regarding what changes are around the corner. I think it would do the community good if you could provide this in any way.

Good luck with the dog.


Thanks for your concern and feedback. As I’d mentioned before we do release regular detailed summaries of periodic changes for mobile and web, and with regard to roadmap we have two reasons for not being detailed – 1) we don’t like to telegraph our changes to other sites (several of which have spent a lot of time mimicking what we’ve done), and 2) our planning is based around targets and a roadmap that is adaptive in nature, and should not work as a checklist, but might be interpreted as such by users

So I have shared a few times before a rough sketch of a roadmap that has helped people understand what we’re planning… we’re going to be focused on enhancing our information sources, focusing on improving what kinds of information are delivered by our growing base of casual users, and in a way that maintains the integrity of our ratings which are thought by others outside our community to be the most authoritative.

Throughout all of this I’ll be doing things like fixing bugs and making positive interface changes. When I have more details I’ll be sure to add them.

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WoofWoof, baby!
Isle of Dogs!

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All the best wishes for Mooi!
Life long fan of animals, less so of humans.


Such a good movie! I’d been waiting for it for almost a year.

You got that shit right.


All the best for Mooi, saw Isle of Dogs with the kids and enjoyed for Harvey Keitel’s part!

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