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Is anybody familiar with Zhuhai China and want kind of beer scene (if any) exists there?




www.chicagoinzhuhai.com (needs translation!)
Come and check out the Chicago Brewery and Grill in Xiangzhou right on Lovers Road. They have great Chicago style food, great music and craft brewed beer on site and great Western beer

Well, there’s a short ferry to Hong Kong.

For anyone interested in the beer scene in Zhuhai who comes across this thread, I was there in October 2019. Chicago has closed. Now, there is only one good craft brewery (21 JAG) and they brew only one beer – Hops Typhoon APA – which is great. The brewer, Jeff, has also begun distilling. If you go to their taproom in town, be sure to try the house gin.

There is a handful of craft taprooms. While they may come and go, there will be craft beer in Zhuhai. Macao’s scene is comparable. Hong Kong, of course, is much better.

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