Zwanze 2019

Who’s going? Where? Are you excited for the brew.

I’m heading back to Redlight Redlight as it was incredibly chill and easy last year. Quite fun time. I’m not sure how I feel about a smoked lambic but will see. Here is brew descriptions

“However, this year’s Zwanze beer is a “wholly unique brew” consisting of a smoked Lambic that incorporates a blend of classic pilsner malt and smoked malt that was brewed on March 1, 2016 and begged on Jan. 26, 2018.
Rather than taking the beer to an extreme, we looked instead to find a balance between the acidic character of Lambic and the woodiness of the smoked malts on Cantillon’s Facebook page. “The result is a fine Gueuze with the classic notes of a Cantillon, complemented by an elegant smokiness in the nose and on the palate.”

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Not going. I usually look forward to it, but not a fan of smoked beers at all. I have essentially no desire to try this.

Not going will be at beer festival. I have somehow never gone despite living in NYC and DC for most of the years I drank beer and could afford Cantillon.

Yea I started skipping because it was too crazy for awhile in Brooklyn but I went to last couple years prior to leaving at Fools Gold was pretty smooth, nothing compared to how laid back and casual Redlight Redlight is here in Orlando though. Tons of sharing other cool brews at least last year with strangers hope just as fun.

I would love to try a smoked lambic, but I will be in Manchester where no location will host the event. I can live without it anyway