Zythos Festival Leuven 2020

Looking for information as we are visiting this for the first time this year. We will base ourselves in Brussels and travel by train, probably for both the Saturday and Sunday, presuming that the train links are good from Brussels.
I see that there is a transfer bus from the train station, is this easy to find?
Is it worth buying the pre-sale tickets on line to get the early Saturday entry?
Are there any other Brits going over this year?


We used to go but that was many, many years ago. However we really enjoyed it, in fact I have enjoyed pretty much every Beer festival that I have been to in Belgium and the Netherlands.

It is worth having your CAMRA card on you if you are still a member as they often give additional tokens for members of Beer Organisations from other countries.

Leuven is a nice city as well, btw where are you staying, are you taking the camper/motorhome? If so where in Brussels, because it’s worth booking into the YHA at Rue de Elefant as they take up to 5 campers, you have EHU, water and can access the building for toilets and showers, also you get a breakfast included all for €30 a night, brilliant value for such a central location and very secure with electric gate closing off the car park

Hi Fin;
Hope you and Loz are both well.
Cheers for this. We were meant to be going with friends but they can no longer go, but we had already booked Eurostar and Easyhotel in Brussels for the weekend, so we will be using the train to get to Leuven on a daily basis. If we had booked this just by ourselves we would have stayed more local to the Festival probably.
Good suggestion about the CAMRA card, additional vouchers are always welcome.
We no longer have the Motorhome, it’s back to a caravan for us, it helps as Sandra is finding it more difficult to get around.
We did the Beer Festival in Maastricht a couple of years back and really enjoyed that, I am presuming that this will have a similar set up. Loads of new Breweries already on the beer list for me to try. Looking forward to it.
Still missing Merton Winter Beer Festival.

This could be my maiden voyage to Belgium in my new campervan which I am collecting at the weekend. I don’t think I have anything booked for that weekend in April yet and it may be a good chance to try out my new travel home.
Anyone stayed at a camp site in or near Leuven before?

Wow … it’s the Fin 3000 !!!

Hi Ian,

Wow so pleased that you have a campervan now.

If in Brussels, the place I was telling Glen about is this.:point_down: Very centrally located.

Also park4night.com is a really useful website.

Belgium is pretty lousy for camping and there doesn’t appear to be many campsites in/around Leuven, but if you are staying for one night perhaps consider wild parking in a carpark or sportcentre, or you’ll often find that if you eat at a pub/bar that has parking they will let you stay over, we did this a lot in the countryside in Belgium in conjunction with the Good Beer Guide to Belgium. I have a feeling that Loz and I have used a car park outside a beer festival but not sure if that was Leuven or Hasselt.


Re: CAMRA card. You will get tokens for each ‘separate’ session as well if I recall correctly.

We are both well, hope all ok with you and Sandra.

Even though you have not got the Motorhome I am pleased to hear that you are still a camper.

Yes its a shame about Merton Winter Beer Festival :frowning:

I’m confused :thinking::upside_down_face:

you’re the original camper van rater and Ian is the new one

Thanks for the explanation, I sort of wondered whether it was something like that. Hope that you are well Colin👍

wow what a perfect spot in Brussels. Not too central so driving there is a pain (I hate driving in Brussels) but very close to the centre. Definitely will be taking advantage of that spot.

and registered with park4night.com very useful… Already found my parking spot for Cotteridge in June.