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10k for Dr. Owl

I didn’t realize there was a milestone category in the forums now! I unceremoniously passed 10k while doing backlog… still have so much backlog to go.


Giddy up!

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To many more :beers:

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Congrats bro! Maybe we will drink together again sometime.

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Go Owl go!

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Let’s do it!


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Congrats! Cheers :beers:

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CheerCheers Steve!

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Cheers Danny.

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well done. Nothing better to do than enter backlogs during Wisconsin winter?

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Haha, yep! I have a lot of catching up to do.

Not only did I not realize they added a Milestone forum, I did not realize you posted in said forum after passing 10K. Congrats brother.

Cheers, buddy!

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