2022 Secret Santa

Probably everybody would need those

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Everyone needs Alabama ticks, everyone.


This would need to happen really soon

Perhaps we need to bump to 1Jan?

Here’s the long and the short of it:
We’ll close sign up Wednesday at 1200 EST. I’ll post pairings, based on geography, by 1700 EST that same day. We’ll make a shipping deadline of 29December, which will give you 3 weeks. It’s $55 in beer to your recipient. When you reach out to your recipient, please ask them if they have any preferences or styles they definitely do not want (like me and Rauchbiers). As boxes land, you take a pic and post back to the forum. Any questions?

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I don’t think we really need to extend to Wednesday have pretty good turnout already and doubt we will get more. But I’d don’t care overly.

What does pairings based on geography mean? I prefer folks further away since I get lots of NY distro for example where I’m at.


Fyi I shipped to DrFabulous last year. I’m fine with it again if he is though.

Thanks for setting up

I’m fine with it. Anyone but OH (too close! not personal) is good for me.

Similarly, I did ship to @douglas88 last year…

Let’s try the following:
@douglas88 |OR|
mansquito |NY|
@microgrog |NC|
@explosivedog |NY|
@jbruner |CA|
@Jow |MA|
@drfabulous |KY|
@Ibrew2or3 |AZ|
@thebaldwizard |OH|
beastiefan2k |MD|
@theisti |MO|
nimbleprop |DC|

Everyone good with that?



Sent to @microgrog on old beermail.

Did the same for @douglas88


send you a message on the other ratebeer mail…not sure how this mail works over here

Msg sent to @explosivedog on old beermail.

Message sent to @nimbleprop on the messaging here, I think, I too am not 100% confident I know how to use the forum messaging.

I sent a new beermail since I’m young and hip

New messages from forum show up here and will have an icon on your profile in corner. Old messages from the BM system works like it always did. They just don’t cross over as forum is basically a different program within RB.

did I pull @theisti cause that guy is going to get nothing but coal :grinning:

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I am too stupid to understand (it’s the end of term!), who am I shipping to?