2022 Secret Santa

Shipping to @mansquito in NY


You are uniquely positioned to fulfill this challenge

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Has anyone not heard from their Santa? Any issues before boxes get rolling?

I have not. I just sent a beermail this morning to reach out

Checking to make sure everyone is in contact with their recipient. Let me know if there’s someone I need to hound.

My box is likely headed out the door on Friday.

I’m good now. :christmas_tree:

Sending mine end of next week per request

Secret Santa has shipped. :sunglasses:


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I’ve got to pick up some stuff (already set aside at beer shop) when I get back to VA on Saturday and then @thebaldwizard box will go out no later than Monday!

My box went out Friday (yesterday). Good luck beer!


I’m good on shopping. Hoping @explosivedog can hit me back with an address before I start drinking some of it. :smiley:

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@mansquito probably knows his address too…

My beers to @thebaldwizard have left the station, hopefully a Thursday EOD delivery.

Package to @explosivedog was handed off. Should be landing Thursday.


An old school porch bomb from @theisti . Great blend of beers, which I love, with milds, flanders, porters, pilsners and hazies. Super thankful for the box and for the trade community that still exists here. Locals still excite an old school ticker like me.


My box to @jbruner says it was delivered yesterday so hopefully a picture coming soon…

Box from @douglas88 received by my in-laws. Will have pictures tonight.


As promised some guy named @douglas88 seemed to have sent me a fine stash of Portland based beers. They are below. I am, of course, thrilled with all of them, but there is a grodziskie among them, which makes me extra happy.


My box from @microgrog also just arrived.

Am exciting to try this eclectic selection! The Cellarest cans are a smoked butternut squash red saison and an acacia foudre fermented sumac keller pils. Bottle is a gin barrel calamansi sour lager.


No IPAs! Amazing in this age.


That Heater Allen…