2023 Advent Calenders?

What’s this years ‘must have’?

Here’s one to ponder on: Beer52: Beer Subscription UK | Discover the Best Craft Beer Delivered to Your Door

I doubt I will bother.


Beer52…scroll past!


Pondered … wouldnt take one for free … not worth the calories or space it would take up


Beer52 is truly bottom tier stuff, literally.

I don’t bother with advent calendars since I drink every day anyway, but if I did, I’d go with someone who actually puts effort into the curation…

Trembling Madness
Left Field Beer
Hop Burns & Black
Beer Gonzo
Beer Merchants

to name a few I’d trust to put together something decent.


Brew Export one looks good for what it is, and mostly beers you won’t see elsewhere in UK… too much joose for me but then could say that about most/all ‘mystery’ boxes and indeed subscriptions.

Too many disappointments in the past so not bothering this year

Presuming Tiny Rebel stick with the same format as the past 2 years I will go with them

25 winner beers, various styles and ABV, the good the bad and the okay but I think on both the 21 and 22 calendars the average score I gave out was a very creditable figure around the early 3.6 mark

I’ve gone for the Brew Cavern one again this year.

The pricier ones are decent but I don’t want 5 beers I’ve had before so they are a no for me.

Beerhawk again probably (only one beer I’d have before last 2 years) or Beer Republic which I’d considered last year.

Edit: just noticed that Beer Hawk no longer exists so won’t be getting that one.

Last year’s thread nncludes a link to the spreadsheet that someone compiles every year breaking down the contents of a load of the different calendars.

Thats why i will only go the Tiny Rebel Way … no point me taking one dud … and from most calendars i see best i could hope for is 50/50

Brew Exports was looking tempting until it mentioned seltzers!

It’s a Beyond Beer Geek edition one for me again this year. Loz will decide later but probably a toss up between Mikkeller or Tø Ol’ , I am sure that I’ve written the latter wrong again, I hate searching for their beers on here :slight_smile:

ah i didn’t spot that! Obviously I know they do a line in them but didn’t twig they included in advent calendar.

I was persuaded to try one, it was very nice, but it was a smoothie, literally nothing else to it - may as well have bought a smoothie from the supermarket and if I really wanted it to be alcoholic (why??) lob in a shot of vodka

I decided to go with the Brew Export calendar as it looks like it’ll still be pretty decent. The Mrs can have any seltzwrs.

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interested to see how many seltzers… would hope no more than 1 or 2

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I have two advent calendars this year. Brew Cavern and Fuss Club. I will post pics as I try the beers.


Today’s snowy photo which also includes our first three Bier Adventskalender beers.

A local Getrankemarkt Bier Adventskalender.
Lang-Bräu - Freyung Helles

Beer Republic
Ninkasi - Tricerahops

Beyond Beer Geek Edition
Cloudwater - I Have Become the Boat

The Lang-Bräu - Freyung Helles clearly decided to go sledding :rofl:


Advent day 1

Fuss Club Fussmageddon - Overtone / Northern Monk Juke box Hero - which is a 7% DIPA with Idaho 7 and Strata hops in CGX form.

Brew Cavern - Emperor’s Scoundrel - which is a 13.8% Smoked Imperial Breakfast Stout with coffee, chocolate and maple syrup.

As usual my Christmas Lego village is in the background.