2023 Secret Santa

Damn, it was a lot harder to start a new thread on these forums than I remembered.

Ok gang! Getting a jump on this since there seemed to be some early interest in a Secret Santa 2023!

Per usual, we’ll aim for shipping by December 23rd, but can extend if people aren’t checking the forums. I assume we want to stick with US only for now. We usually send $55 in beer. Please let me know if you’re interested and your location and I’ll close off signups on the morning of December 5th and then post pairings here in this thread. We had 13 participate last year. Can we beat it this year?

Continuing the discussion from 2022 Secret Santa:

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As usual, I am in.

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@blutt59 @Ibrew2or3 @drfabulous @explosivedog @jow @Sledutah @douglas88 @wchesser

I am probably missing some people but others can fill in the gaps.

I’m in

I’m in VA, FL, some other crazy NE distro we started getting.

Also @sloth mentioned wanting to be in at a lower price point like $30, I would be fine with you rigging it that he gets to send to me @nimbleprop as I doubt we have enough folks want to do it at different values. Tickers going to tick what they get in my case!

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Interested and in Baltimore

I would like to be in, SW Colorado, no whales to offer.

Thanks SHIG. We’re kinda close to each other but I’m game. Sorry I posted in the wrong thread.
Does anyone use their beer cellars anymore? I imagine most are out of date and I guess they probably haven’t worked in years anyway huh?

Thanks man!! Lookin forward to this. Been a while.


I use my cellar, however I am pretty sure many of my wants are actually no longer produced. It is a difficult to add beers to your cellar.

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Close, but outside of the one fest a year that has a few Maryland breweries I really don’t get any Maryland brews. I do have DuClaw unicorn farts and The Pastryarchy Unicorn Farts After Dark in my beer fridge so don’t need those two.

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I’m in! Metro Boston

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inn, from the desert hellscape of metro Phoenix, AZ.

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I’m so sorry for you.


A few days left to get in…

Looked at some more people who were in last year: @MicroGrog @theisti @jbruner

Sure, why not.

KC metro, access to Kansas and Missouri.

Asheville, NC. I sorta like beer, sometimes.

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