2500 Unique Brewery Ticks!

Thank goodness for mail order! Been chasing this milestone for a while. Hoping to increase this number on my upcoming trip to Scotland. Cheers to the next 500!


Impressive milestone.

2500 is a very impressive number, nice job - I’m on 343 so over half way to my first ‘milestone’ of 500, but miles behind you

Huzzah! Congratulations on your Round Numbers Milestone :slight_smile:

That puts you at #71 on top rater of unique breweries list. I hope to crack top 100 someday myself.

Congrats! I am a big fan of scooping new breweries and love to see others doing the work as well.

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List of champions


And here I am sitting at a pathetic 2348!

Right with you at 2355

I may reach 3000 before I leave the US this month. Only need another 30.


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Just find a good bottle shop…

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Well I moved up to 2372 pretty quickly.


You sailed past that pretty easy I see, nice :slight_smile:

Knew I was close, but I actually hit 3000 last weekend before realising/seeing this thread. Not really gone out my way for them but does seem to be more and more appearing. Back in the UK end of next week and wont have much time for being out and about so ordered a box of beers to our London home and surprised so many new UK breweries to choose from which is great to see.

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Cheers, and congratulations on passing 3,000; yes there are plenty of breweries popping up again in the UK. I’ve took delivery from these guys the other week: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/kwm-wines-and-spirits/75689/

They might help your Northern Ireland and Irish regions as well as new breweries.

Taking in a Palace game?


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Thanks, that link looks interesting - lots of new breweries/regions.

Yep, got tickets to our home game v Leeds :slight_smile:

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Please can we have 3 points? We need them more than you :joy: #lufc

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