2pac day, 2024

2pac day is just around the corner.

Join 2pac, Merv, Dickhead Eddie, Neil-o, and Lucy congratulating 2pac on the 22nd year anniversary of the most notorious rating spree on the website.

2pac Day 2024

Can’t join you on zoom, but will definitely chop some wood at my uncle’s place!

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Who’s tried all the piss?

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I’ve only rated 5 of them.

13 for me

I too have tried 13 of them, not going to rush out and find the other 16 either!


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Have tried 10 of them, have rated 1 of them - of those 9 missing rates, most were donkeys years ago and I’ve no desire to re-try most of them, even to boost my numbers! The other 19, I’m not actively routing them out if I’m honest - no surprise :person_shrugging:

I’m in Sydney at the moment and haven’t been able to find any more off the list in bottle shops here

@danlo, I’m surprised you’ve bothered to be honest, might be fun though I suppose!



I think Sully moved to London and became Top Boy there


2Pac 2024 day is almost here

Saturday Jan. 20th —2pac Day 2024—

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:wood: :axe:


Thanks to @joet and @marko for fixing my login troubles in time for this occasion. Bit of a debacle last year as I concluded that Carlton Dry probably wasn’t Carlton Premium Dry (it might be retired). After drinking the damned thing.

Problem with the 2pac list is I’ve had them all at some stage and the remaining unrated ones I don’t really need to smell again. But the choice is getting difficult - there were no Toohey’s products at all on offer near here as far as I could tell and my choice was between Miller Genuine Draft [sic] or Hahn Premium Light.

I remember having MGD once before and it being terrible and really embarrassing - in the mid-90s a Perth nightclub decided for some reason to make me a member and give me free drinks. I got this because I hadn’t tried it before and then spent some time trying to unobtrusively ditch it and get something drinkable. The version I’m now drinking turns out to be brewed in Perth. At the time it was the worst beer I’d ever had, but thanks to RateBeer it’s no longer in my bottom 25.


Was actually there on the lookout for new ciders, these 2 are not on 2pacs list but closest I could find as new rates for me.

Happy 2pac day! Rated these after chopping wood. fucken hell.


Drinking some cheap wine after the dog chewed up some wood in the yard. Close as I can get without challenging the ice out there.

Cheers cunts.


7 for me; haven’t seen the inside of a Woolies in years!

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