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3 floyds not found

the last time i added a review / rating, in the “location” box, “three floyds” and “3 floyds” both turned up only: “the filter returned no results”.
the brewpub closed, but they still sell beer there.

If its no longer a brewpub then all the prior reviews will no longer be relevant. You could just add it again as a shop?

sorry, i should’ve specified, it was a review / rating of a beer not a place. even though it’s no longer a brewpub, it’s still a location beers come from.

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Are you trying to search from forum pages in the search function? That won’t work. If you navigate to your profile page and use search box from there and type 3 Floyd’s that’ll work. This big has been around for years

no, i’m not trying to search from forum pages, i’m trying to review / rate a beer. maybe a picture is worth a thousand words:

First it will not come up as they are listed under Three Floyds. Second the only location in database was associated with brewpub, so when that closed it prevents you from adding it as distribution location. I’ve added it as a place again for curbside pickup: Three Floyds Brewing Company - Curbside Pickup • RateBeer You should be able to add it as location in your rating now.

thanks! a picture really was worth a thousand words.
but: it’s more than curbside pickup now, people can go in again.
the “place” used to be “Three Floyds Brewing Co. & Brewpub”. how about bringing it back, but deleting the “& Brewpub” and making “place type” = Beer Store?

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I can edit the one I made to Beer Store, but the other will remain retired until they decide to bring back the brewpub.

:+1: thanks!

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