A Night to Remember

Last night (18th October 2023) @minutemat and I had a rare tick tasting of 20 beers.

A can of cider from Palau and nine Panda’s from Finland, all thanks to @Grumbo. Next up were three cans from Rutland, cheers @Cheeseboard. Two bottles from Mauritius, via my next door neighbor.

Two beers I brought back from the US (Colorado and Idaho) and weird cans from Lancashire and Northampton shire.

Last beer of the evening being a Finnish Imperial Stout from @beardedavenger, cheers mate.

So one new country, eight new Finnish regions for me and @minutemat gained some new stats too.

Loved the whole evening, thank you to all who contributed!



Great night. Snacks were French Fries (the crisps) paired with a Finnish lager and Walkers cheese and jalapeno baked, paired with a Rutland DIPA


All that’s missing is the oversized blanket for two. Good stuff.