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I tried to edit my profile and got this message:

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I do also get that message

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Yea me too, I sent in a notice a couple of times the last few months and nothing seems to be getting done about it.

It would be nice if we could fix our own account settings!

Does everybody have this problem or is it just us?

It’s a zombie website at this point. Things stop working and nothing gets fixed but it keeps plodding along.


The same problem as well.

Just came to the forums to report this myself. Happened to me last week of December so was patient and tried again today and same issue.

Still the same here, by golly.

The update is no one is working on it and admins can’t change it either for people. It’s unfortunately but that’s how things work now as in they don’t.


I guess there are many competent admins that maybe could fix this, if only someone in zx-ventures gave them the right permissions. (Certainly not me but writing for a friend)

A few of us admins can fix this stuff. If you let me know what you want changed — in this thread or via PM — I can fix it for you.

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The regions in Norway have changed a bit from 2024:

“Viken” is now: Buskerud, Akershus, Østfold
“Vestfold og Telemark” is back to what it was before: Vestfold, Telemark
The same with “Troms og Finnmark”: Troms, Finnmark

The reform back in 2020 turned out to be very unpopular in some regions. Three large regions are now split up.

Local admins in Norway can move place ratings and change region for breweries.

I don’t think any admin has the power to do this. Best bet is to e-mail Joe (, but no idea if he’ll respond or make this a priority.

Let me reiterate that some admins can edit profiles and we will be glad to do so. Feel free to message us here, or if you prefer, DM me.


Just an update, still getting this when attempting to modify profile:

I’ll try marko’s suggestion but It annoys me that I gottah bug admin to do these menial things for us.