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ADMIN recruitment

You think you’re up to the task to become an admin for your region? (meaning your region really needs help)

You’ve got balls bigger than melons?

You’re ready to totally dedicate yourself to the Greater Good?(ie losing your wife in the process)

Just send an application here!

This will give Admins and Devs a reason to debate over a few drinks… and be sure we will get back to you…at some point…




Did we figure out and update which admins are not actual active now?

The admin level board can’t even be completely accurate because I’d done recent admin duties including today but it tells me I haven’t done anything in 249 days. It also says I am a level 6…at one point I was an 8 but I do agree that at the very least an “all call” should be done and clear out and clean up those that have left or don’t want to admin anymore. Would allow us to refresh who does what and honestly could only help benefit the site.

EDIT: On that note, I’d be curious if someone else glances, if the stats who differently. As of 10/29/2020 I show 1,972 for a admin score, level 6, no duties for 249 days. It SHOULD read a admin score of around 2,100, level 8, and active as of today.


If this is serious I’m more than happy to lend my services as I’ve offered before, primarily in the UK of course but I can help anywhere that’s needed really. I’m aware the UK already has some decent capable admins so I’ll continue spamming the beer issues thread otherwise.

My balls aren’t actually bigger than melons though… I feel this is an advantage as it means I’m able to walk around easily. Oh and I don’t even have a wife to lose!


I think we know that the admin level board is not accurate and should not be the only reason that an admin should be considered inactive. If we have admins that are inactive and we don’t put in new admins this will likely create a lot of work for the new admin. It would be a good idea to have the admin level board fixed, but who knows if this is a priority.

Yeah, an admin editing 1 thing per week is still considered active…but that doesn’t mean that will result in his region to be up-to-date…

Generally, if there’s a lot of missing breweries, missing beers and lots of unverified beers in a certain region, this is a way more reliable source to know there’s not enough admins there.

This might be happening, but I am not focused on this as much as other things. I am fairly certain there are admins on the roster that have not been active at all for months or even years.

I’m quite happy to admin the west midlands, in england, if it’ll help.

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Obviously I don’t have access to whatever admin info you see but there used to be a page publicly viewable on the ratebeer site (I can’t find it now) which listed each admin alphabetically and the region(s) they managed.

I remember a couple of years ago looking at the UK section and wondering who the hell half the people were, a bunch of names I’d literally never seen in my ~5 years here. I imagine there must be quite a few folks who left the site over the years who for some reason are still listed as admins…

Sign me up for Sweden.

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This one, I assume:

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This list is the closest thing we got to know each admin and which region they cover but it always was voluntary to add yourself to this list so it’s probably not complete and way outdated.


I won’t call out the individuals here if that’s the case then, but I spotted 3 names in the UK region that I’ve not seen around on the forums or in ratings, ever. If they’re doing stuff behind the scenes then fair enough, if not, I could replace one of them.

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How can I add myself to this list? I am the latest admin in Norway.

I’d be up for it. We have some extremely active UK Admins but there’s always room for more, especially down where I am. I spot errors pretty much every time I view a few beers.


I guess that stopped working properly ages ago.

Hey, dont say that… Nothing stops working in RB.

One thing I feels to be noted. Not all corrections sent in are, in fact, correct. Sometimes reports are sent in based on what’s written on other sites, which are sometimes incorrect, or have different rules than RB. I truly appreciate how active some non-admins are here with corrections, but with rights care should be taken so that mistakes are kept to a minimum.

If taken, and this goes for all potential new admins, they should be in touch with a more experienced admin, who would guide them. I am always, for example, there for advice and guidance if needed.

The junior admin system ought to be put back into place and the new admins not given a full set of rights immediately. We are definitely in need of fresh blood, but the system and the process should be taken seriously, not to unknowingly cause grief, bad blood and lower standards.


Presumably admins have access to some sort of guidelines*? I often submit suggested changes on the basis that the Admins will then have more insight.

*Possibly wishful thinking.

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