AI and beer (and also RateBeer)

Don’t think I’ve seen RateBeer mentioned in the media for a while…

The researchers also collected 180,000 reviews of different beers from the online consumer review platform RateBeer, finding that while appreciation of the brews was biased by features such as price meaning they differed from the tasting panel’s ratings, the ratings and comments relating to other features – such as bitterness, sweetness, alcohol and malt aroma – these correlated well with those from the tasting panel.


As part of the yearly roundup aka “my year in beer” Untappd introduced AI prompt so you could make different queries . Wasn’t perfect, but I did managed to extract some extra stats.

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What’s new about that, ratebeer has had a robot for ages


About the Robot it’s ok.I miss when you hate a milestone ther was this small youtube videos with a beer song or something funny.