Alias - möglicherweise?

I have absolutely no evidence, just a sneaking suspicion that Erdinger Brauhaus Helles • RateBeer might possibly be an alias of this one: Stiftungsbräu Stiftung Hell • RateBeer . Do any of you German gentlemen have any verifiable info about this? Or is my suspicion totally unfounded?

suspicions like these are often enough correct. The biggest pointer towards this being a mere rebranding is the fact that the Stiftungsbräu-Website appears to have been down for a couple months. However, Stiftungsbräu is still being tapped at some places. Let’s see if we can get some official info on this.

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Here in NRW the “Stiftungsbräu” just disappeared from the shelves… so I would go with @Sigmund, that they probably have re-branded it for national distribution, where “Stiftungsbräu” is quite unknown…