Any Danish admins active?

Hi guys,

Submitted some minor corrections for a couple of To Øl beers about 3 weeks ago as I forgot to put De Proefbrouwerij as the brewery when adding new beers. I checked again a few days ago and noticed the changes hadn’t been made, and in fact with one of them for some reason appears to have recreated 2 weeks after the one I added meaning there’s a dupe now, but without a picture or description which I made the effort of adding as we’re encouraged to. Little confused what’s going on here so wondering if an admin could clear it up? I beermailed @yespr about it 3 weeks ago but didn’t receive any response and don’t know who else is active here.

  1. this one just needs to put De Proefbrouwerij as the brewer, the bottle I had confirms it.
  2. this one also needs De Proefbrouwerij as the brewer as it said it on my can.
  3. this dupe has since appeared. Should be deleted and ratings moved to the original one above. This one incomplete lacking a description and image, and another minor thing but according to To Øl there’s no space between “3X” and “Raid” in the name.

Cheers and sorry for the slight inconvenience.

obviously yespr is inactive, he hasn’t even ticked 150 beers this month :wink:

This looks like the same beer (we were really confused when we rated it, I went by the picture of the can):

Please just use the feedback functuonality on each entry as you have a correction. We see 200+ new Danish beers each month and three weeks to pick up minor corrections really reasonable turn around.

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Fair enough. The reason I posted is because 3 weeks ago was during the time the send corrections page wasn’t working properly (or at all) so I have no idea if my corrections even went through. I understand my corrections for UK beers were never received so we had to use the forums for a while.

Anyway I see you’ve fixed the issues already so thanks for that :slight_smile: